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    2018 onyx black gmc sierra sierra 6.2/8speed
  1. Throttle response is terrible on the k2 5.3. Definitely see why the OP would want some more power. I've driven a 19 5.3 and the throttle response is night and day better even though power output is unchanged.
  2. I had a squeak and rattle that was from an improperly seated sunroof drain tube. Dealership fixed it but was a nightmare to diagnose. 70 hrs of labor including removing the windshield and headliner finally have the issue fixed. 2018 slt premium. Plus 6.2 z71 crew cab black
  3. Got a new windshield under warranty and now my lane keep assist and low speed braking do not work. Dealership replaced the camera and said it should reactivate once I drive it enough. I told them I will give it a week. Anyone know anything about calibrating the lane keep assist and/or low speed emergency braking?
  4. My 18 was like this as well, dealer installed all new hardware under warranty and seems to be marginally better.
  5. My 18 6.2 and my 18 terrain 2.0 turbo does this as well
  6. Love the Blue! Congrats You bought the last year (2018) of that generation so the kinks should be worked and your new truck should be reliable
  7. I'm going to try the tow haul mode when I get my 18 back. And yes I do believe the 10 speed is the reason it feels much better off the line. I still have the 19 6.2 for a loaner and noticed today the bed sides are much higher. Definitely a pain reaching in the bed to grab items. I think the Fords have the high bed sides as well
  8. I currently own a 2018 slt premium plus 6.2 that is at the dealership for some dashboard squeaks and rattles. The dealership is letting me use a new 2019 LTZ 6.2 while mine is being fixed. Definitely impressed that they are letting me use this truck First impressions, I love the 6.2/10 speed combo. Butter smooth and finds the sweet spot in the powerband much better than my 6.2/8 speed. Much sportier to drive. At full throttle though though both trucks feel identical power wise. They definitely improved throttle response as well. Truck feels much more responsive. The cab does seem larger as well. Seats dont feel any more or less comfortable. I love the 360 camera view and all the different angles I can view the truck from. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Kinda nervous about them tearing apart my dash to remedy the squeak/rattle. They have been working on it for three days now and have completely torn the dash apart.
  9. Well worth it in my opinion. I had a 2015 5.3 all terrain before my 2018 6.2 slt premium+. Love the power and fuel mileage of the 6.2. My dad has a 2018 5.3 and while down low I dont notice a big performance gap, when u floor the 6.2 it rips and sounds mean. I also like that the 6.2 is pretty rare, makes for a good conversation piece. I wonder how many k2's have the 6.2? 1 out of 20? In my area I rarely meet anyone who has a k2 with the 6.2
  10. I have an 18 slt premium plus with the 6.2 Would definitely consider a ram except for the fact that they cant handle the payload of a live rear axle truck and a plow doesn't work out that well on a 1/2 ton ram. Would miss the 6.2 as well Definitely like the interior of the ram. Disappointed in the 2019 gm interior. Very bland. I also think GM should have bumped the output of their v8 motors too.
  11. Can say for sure the radio on my 18 slt is much improved over my 15 slt. Everything is way more responsive
  12. I currently have an 18 CC premium plus with the 6.2. Before this I had a 15 all terrain with the 5.3 , 6 speed. Both trucks are leveled. With the old 5.3 and 6 speed I averaged about 17 mpg. With the 6.2 , 8 speed I am getting 18 mpg. 5.3 is a great engine without a doubt I just felt that top end power, as in passing up a hill at 55-60 mph was lacking. With the 6.2 those concerns have disappeared. What an awesome motor. It is still soft on the bottom like the 5.3 but when you get to half throttle it goes. I love the sound of the 6.2 engine as well. My father has the same truck as me except for he has the 5.3, 8 speed. I definitely feel that his is quicker than my old 5.3 with the 6 speed.
  13. My 2018 slt 8speed with the 6.2 performs great. Much improved over my 2015 slt 5.3 6 speed
  14. In my area many stations have been adding 90 0ctane ethanol free and removing 93 E-10 from their pumps. Not one has 93 ethanol free though. What would be more beneficial for my 6.2? I assume the 93 E-10?
  15. Best miles per gallon?

    2018 slt crew cab premium plus 6.2, leveled, I average 16.8 mpg in the 7000 miles I have had it. Strangely enough my father has the exact same truck the only difference being he has the 5.3 and averages 15.9. I have a much heavier foot as well. Love the sound and power of the 6.2 when my foot is to the floor!

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