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  1. Center console swap?

    Just finished my swap got all my parts new shipped to my door for $696 also mounted a gps unit, radio and switch pros setup as it will be used for a chase truck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Center console swap?

    I’m in southern Cali and in Burbank this week if that is close I am interested as well
  3. Center console swap?

    All the parts when I put them in the shopping cart add up to almost 700
  4. Center console swap?

    I can pay you 550
  5. Center console swap?

    My truck does not have the power supply plug just a standard cigarette lighter plug so I am using part number 23467119 this is the synthesis color w/o power supply
  6. Center console swap?

    I think it is throwing me off cause when you look up the parts it actually has the arm rest as a part you can by but they probably do that so you can buy that individual piece if you need.
  7. Center console swap?

    If I don’t want the wireless charging is their another part number that is cheaper? Or do they all come with it now
  8. Center console swap?

    also is there any reason the Denali center console wont work? it is significantly less?
  9. Center console swap?

    Hey guys so I read through about 3/4 of the thread and about to pull the trigger on ordering the center console for my 2015 2500 crew cab. I have the synthesis color in the dash already and have all the part number but the side pieces keep coming back as not valid. Also does the kit come with the top arm rest of is that another separate piece I need. these are the part numbers I have. Am I missing any? 84199890 - console assembly (does this include arm rest) 22776807 - bracket 11609982 - bolts 84092080 - center trim side panels #'s ?????? I appreciate the help guys!!!!!

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