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  1. Went out and messed with the truck again today. Looked at cylinders 3 and 4 as torque scan was showing them misfire count most around 400. I found two plugs had the top part cracked where the wire goes on. Imagine that was some of it. They were the cheapest ac delco plugs I could buy. Possibly explain why I hear a spark noise now and then. Mean any time I thrown the older ac plat plugs I took out of it in the place. Misfire count is now down to 0 on them cylinders. Have feeling ing I’ll be checking the other plugs, but for today I only checked four of them. And yet I think it runs a little better. Question though, if I had a misfire count of like 8 on cylinder 8. Is this ok or is it always supposed to be 0. Thanks everyone one for their time btw.
  2. What has got me wondering after thinking. When I got the truck there was a wire in the box in the protective covering. Wondering if there’s a ground or something that got ripped out. I tried different fuel pumps same results. The fuel pump whine goes with the dim of the dome lights and such too at times.
  3. I keep reading about crank re learns? Is this something that needs to be done time to time. / would it hurt to get one done / is it capabale with the torque pro app? there ngk wires I had bought new for the truck. I think I’m going to try get set ngk or ac delco plats plugs for it. Sense I had thrown the new cheap ac plugs in I noticed it hesitation on dead stop. We also tried to adjust the gap on the plugs.
  4. That I’m not sure. Bought truck few months ago , I know I’m still not getting right fuel mileage. After er I changed the intake gasket it does seem to be more throttle response. But it you can still feel a little rough idle. And the dome lights slightly dim with it too. Your thinking ing I should test to see if coils , are weak ? No way really without a timing light ? Edit: actually you can hear what sounds like a spark noise sometimes , I put new wires and plugs in it recently.
  5. Just picked up a new one. $50 cad. Something else i noticed is you can you can hear what I think is spark noise randomly. I heard it on both banks I think. But can’t pin point what cylinder exactly. It had new new wires and plugs few months ago to try to fix this. But it I don’t want to go get coils if it’s not them. And I’d prob get used ones that are confined to work tho
  6. I’ll be driving the truck like this till I get a new one. Mean time , could it be some reason rough idle and is it going to really hurt to keep driving until I get one? I know one the codes odes was a evap code
  7. Finally got the intake gasket job done. Had reseat the manifold for other bolt to line up. That canister where here talking about, that magnetic stick to the alternator by accident. Now it it seems it’s clicking when the trucks on. Wonder if this is a biggie or ? Ill have ave more of a look tomorrow after work. But seems to me the clicking is from that canister. And can only be heard at idle when outside truck. But it you were also right. Still some idle problem. But I think the truck runs better with the new gaskets. Thanks for for all your time and help btw !
  8. Just got in from a full days work on the truck. Man the intake gasket took way longer then I thought. Old gaskets looked warped. They were orange if that matters. Its almost back together. But I’m done for the day. All but one bolt tighten on the manifold. The back one on the drivers side doesn’t seem like it wants to grab. Hoping it doesn’t have to be pulled again. / hoping it’s not the knock sensor wire in the way knowing my luck. I will keep the thread updated.
  9. Them pics was when motor was just started. Except the freeze frame data of course. Took engine cover over off and noticed the canister with the green valve on it in the front by throttle body, Was able to wiggle yet the bolt tightened. Debating getting washers or something to tighten it more. Wondering if this could be it or part of it. Edit: I got a free day today so I’m taking the intake manifold off and going to throw these new gaskets I had sitting in my house. I’ll keep you guys updated. Thanks!
  10. Thanks. I will check into these. Doesn’t the truck not use o2 sensors until it’s warmed up? So that wouldn’t explain the rough when it’s cold as well? edit: I have a mahle ms16340 intake manifold gasket from rock auto here. I may look into seeing how hard them are too change / see if I need any special tools. And give that a go.
  11. I have a obd Bluetooth reader with android phone, some screens can be found here with the codes:
  12. Hmm. I do know too that it is a tad hesitant from a dead stop. It’s never shut off on me though yet. Some days it can have the tac fluctuations a bit at idle. I wonder what to try next. I tried to include as much info from the pics as I could I’m still new to these apps. My brother has the same motor and gets way better mileage then I do now. I was was hoping the data I included would be able to tell something? But it’s still somewhat French to me. And I don’t want to go get coils or something if it isn’t that. I do have a intake gasket in the box sitting here... but wasn’t sure if that was it. Thanks for for the reply btw!
  13. Hi guys and gals. Just recently got a 2003 Sierra 1500 4.8 4x4 z71 extended cab with 300,000km on the clock. Ive been noticing it hard on gas and idle isn’t really smooth, especially when it’s colder sometimes I can see the tac jump a little. When it’s cold sometimes the engine light will flash for a few minutes. But when it’s cold sometimes the fuel gauge goes to empty and sets the gas light on and then comes back to normal after a minute or two. Use to have issues with four way randomly coming on, but that stopped for now so far. So so far I have swapped two different fuel pumps (both came from tested and running parts trucks) , new ngk wires, new ac Delco plugs sometimes you can hear what I think is a sparking noise from the passenger side. I dont have a lot of money and trying to fix this without a garage. Any help be greatly appreciated. I hooked up my phone and torque app and have attached the error codes and some data the app gave me. I just dont don’t want to be throwing parts at it trying to guess what’s wrong. Thanks for your time!

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