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  1. If I can make the weights work I plan on installing a B&W goose neck and using an Andersen Ultimate fifth wheel hitch. The ultimate is kind of a hybrid goose neck connection (my term).
  2. It looks like 300 and up are streaming only according to the XM web site.
  3. I am surprised to see a max tow without the trailer mirrors, thought that was part of the option group. Nice looking truck.
  4. A quick google search tells me that oil monitor systems came about in 1988 and work exactly as described by Redwnger and do in fact adjust the mileage based on engine operating conditions. In 2013 GM re-calibrated theirs to go to 20% life remaining at 5000 miles with no real explanation as to why except to hint that shops did not care for some of the long intervals that were happening. I think there might be enough data to suggest that the oil life monitors actually work. I have had four cars with oil life monitors, 1999 Regal (250,000 miles), 2004 Suburban (230,000 miles), 2012 Enclave (115,000 miles), 2017 Sierra (30,000 miles). Two are retired but not because of the engines, two are going strong. Always changed the oil based on the oil life monitor, always used full synthetic. Just a data point for you to consider.
  5. If I am taking this off the rails, then yes I am completely missing the point.
  6. I am not sure where this mentality came from over time. It used to be commonly referred to as the "cost of doing business in the business you are in". I realize more and more companies do not absorb these costs but $100 to tell me what I already know is a waste of time and money. Thankfully my guy does not charge me diagnostic fees for auto repairs. And yes, as a salaried worker I often "work for free."
  7. Well, no that does not sound correct. If one is rated at 12,500 and the other at 9100 with the same power train, then there is also suspension, brakes, transmission cooler, etc that go into the rating. There is a standard that is published for towing.....it has to do with capability to tow a certain amount of weight up a certain stretch of highway, I don't have the link right now but googling the standard should help.
  8. Just to clarify a bit, GVWR is just a number, it is not the end weight of the trailer. In this case they give over 3000# of capacity for your gear, water and propane. If you do not load it that much you may well be within the towing and payload specs of your truck. In my case I figure 300 lbs water, 60 lbs propane, 20 armloads of food, pots and pans, clothes, chairs etc. assuming 20 lbs per load to be conservative. That is only 760 lbs of gear and gives me plenty of room to spare. On his 5th wheel I would be comfortable with 9556 lbs trailer weight depending on the actual tongue weight of course.
  9. WOW, that chart is misleading. Some configuration can get you 3200 # payload if properly equipped. But later in the guide the max cargo weight is 2873 # for a 4x2 reg cab.....Supercrew 4x4 is 1799 #. It seems that they did not include the required options as stated when calculating payload which is totally worthless.
  10. That is my thought now too. It should not be that hard and when it is they should not make stuff up.
  11. I have been able to build and price at Chevrolet.com but for some reason the salesman couldn't on their system. I will need to try again with him I guess.
  12. We built both an LT and LTZ looking at various configurations. More specifically Crew cab, 4WD, Gas, fifth wheel prep and some minor options. LTZ was straight up LTZ, LT added All Star and LT+.
  13. I sat down with my salesman recently to build and order my 2019 3500HD. He could not select the Z71 package in the Chevy order system. I can do it on the online customer version, salesman couldn't figure out what the problem was. Talked to him later and he said the 2019 HDs basically come with the Z71 suspension so it is not needed as an option. I am not sure I believe this, is there any knowledge about this out there? Also, what are your experiences with and without the Z71 for highway driving unloaded and loaded?
  14. You are nearly $5K under dealer invoice on the first offer and you don't think they are being aggressive on the first offer? If you indicated that you would be trading before they came up with that price, don't expect them to move much. Lucky for you if that the number is not contingent on the trade.
  15. On the Silverado, 3500HD side, I scoured no less than 100 dealer web sites in March/April looking for a 6.0. By my estimate 90% of the HDs on the lots were diesel. Of the gas HDs on the lots, most of those were WT. They have already shut down the 2018 runs and 2019 runs for HDs begin next week. I have been patiently waiting for pricing on the 2019s before I order the 3500 I want.
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