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  1. I've seen plain center caps on FleaBay. I just haven't gotten around to getting a set fo my old truck. Infiniti caps will work too. They have a logo on them, but it's better than having "Nissan" spelled out.
  2. These were leftover “17 wheels from my ‘05 Titan.
  3. Is that better than the LT or just not as bad?
  4. My reply to the OP was just about warranties, but since you brought up sales figures... GM produced more trucks in the first two weeks of December of 2016 than Nissan sold all year. I don't know much about a "tweener", as you call it. I assume you meant the Titan XD. Only Nissan thinks it understands the need for a 5/8 ton truck. I guess they were going for of the "Heavy Half" that GM tried in the 70's. That being said, in the last two years, I needed two trucks and I bought both, a 2017 Titan 1/2 ton gas and a 2018 Silverado Z71. Here are some thoughts; I'm not quoting from ads or internet videos or chatroom fans. I have no loyalty to an auto manufacturer like they were family. The irony here is for the guy wants to be patriotic, and buy American. My Silverado was built in Mexico. My Nissan Titan was built in Tennessee. The Chevy is not more capable, doesn't handle better, and is no where near as well equipped as the Titan. The Silverado is a terrific LS engine with an acceptable truck attached. The 5.3 in the Silverado gets 20 mpg, the Titan gets 13 mpg. The Titan has 30 more horsepower, but the Silverado is a little faster. Chevy's sound system is far superior, but Titan has an excellent 360 degree camera Chevy wants me to pay extra for things like cargo area lighting, a driver side grab handle and lots of other things. Oh, and the back seat passengers don't swelter in the Titan because it has rear vents. This wasn't meant to be a comparison because GM expects people to buy whatever they build. And apparently, we do. They ain't worried about Nissan. I hear Chevy threw it's customers a few bones with the new truck and added some features that others have had for years. One area where they out did Nissan - the new truck is even uglier than the Titan.
  5. Nissan Titan has a 5 year, bumper to bumper warranty. No extra charge.
  6. Rear air vents!

    My Nissan Titan had rear A/C vents and heated seat for the rear passengers. My wife's 2016 Tahoe has good hvac and other basic amenities that I just assumed the 2018 Silverado would have so I didn't think to look. It's my own fault for assuming things, but the fact is, putting up with a hot truck would have made the growing list of things to cause people to bypass the Chevy Silverado.

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