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  1. Heads up Display Chevy vs. GMC

    If you change the song with the steering wheel, it should show up on the hud. Edit: I have an AT4 and that's when it shows up on the HUD for me. Also had a 2016 Camaro and the HUD worked the same way.
  2. I took home my AT4 4 days ago. A section of the screen on the trailer hitch camera screen only now shows a spot that is flashing RGB colors. Is there a known fix to this or should I be heading up to the dealer. Not promising if this truck is showing issues less than a week in... 0EDB7642-3989-40B2-A051-BFDD923C8028.MOV
  3. 2018 Bargains

    Agreed. I have a local dealer that has all 2018 Denali Seirras 15-17k off

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