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  1. I hope Dealer is still saying the end of July before they see it. We'll see.
  2. Ok, I know I ordered a 3500 and you guy's are all waiting for the new 1500. With that noted, the GM chat and dealer had told me my truck would be built the week of 6/25. So Monday night after dinner I went to the GM chat and asked if they new what the status was. They gave me the same reply, estimated to be built this week depending on the factory's schedule. when I asked if they would know better this evening, Friday, they asked if I would like weekly Friday updates till my truck left the factory. My reply ABSOLUTELY ! Today when I got home from work I received an Email telling me it was built this week , currently waiting to be transported. It said at this time they didn't have a time frame for that. I could check with my dealer , Chat with them at any time , regardless they'll send me another update next Friday. I just figured I'd pass on my progress in case this might interest anyone that has a truck on order.
  3. Since I sold my old truck the end of April and currently don't have a truck, I'm getting anxious to say the least. So , I did stop by my dealer today on the way home from work. They confirmed what the GM Chat said and it should be built sometime next week. I'll Chat with them next Monday and let you know.
  4. It is the week of 6-25-18. I had stated a chat a 4:30 pm only to have it cut short. But before it was, they had that date. Then around 7pm I did another Chat, because I had some other questions, and they replied with the same date. The next time I think I'll check on it will be that Friday the 22nd or definitely Monday the 25th. I'll let you know what they say then.
  5. Ok, Thanks for the reply. I just did a chat with GM and they said mine was also in 3300 status with a Targeted Production Week of 6/25/18. Did state that this was only an estimated week and are unable to provide any ETA's.
  6. Hi. I just joined. I don't know if I'm replying in the right spot. . I also have a 2019 GMC on ordered. Ordered 5-17-18 like you, but mine is a 3500 HD SLE 4wd short bed 6.0l . Originally ordered a 2018 in mid April only to find out GM quit taking orders mid March . So 2019 is on order. Don't know much about how GM works as I have been a Cummins man since they first put a Cummins in a Dodge in "89" Do you know if your 1500 is made in the same factory as mine will be. From what I read, I guess mine will be made in Flint some day. Tonight I plan to take your advise and go on GMC chat to see what I can find out. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks

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