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  1. It was indeed the transfer case. Luckily I had the donor vehicle with similar np246 transfer case and was able to swap what I needed around. This is how the old transfer case came apart. Didn’t even touch the bearing! This bearing was the noise I was able to hear and what caused my issues. Everything seems to be smooth now. Thanks everyone for the help.
  2. I have one off of my suburban donor car. It is the same autotrack type transfer case I believe? I talked to the dealer I bought it from and they’re gonna look at it Monday. Fingers crossed, if they screw me i will just take it off my parts car.
  3. I’ve narrowed it down to transfer case or transmission. I’m leaning towards transfer case. I got up close to both driveshafts and the noise is not coming from those areas.
  4. I will get it up in the air again tomorrow and post my findings. I’m going to restart the elimination process to see if I missed anything. Whatever this is, I will post the solution once It is found. I really appreciate everyone’s time on here. It’s very helpful. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of my new to me (but broken sounding) truck!
  5. Will a driveshaft off a 2001 suburban (4x4) fit my 05 ext cab z71? I can try switching that out to just eliminate driveshaft as the culprit. that is my donor vehicle I’ve never had such a hard time fixing an issue on a car before!
  6. Yes I shook the hell out of the driveshaft, lol. Didn’t hear anything. and yes it still makes noise with front driveshaft removed. Im honestly about to break down and take it to a shop. Would rather not though!
  7. Well, the good news is I have a donor vehicle with same type of transfer case (which I know has no issues) and other 4wd parts / drivetrain parts. I just need to figure out what I need to switch around. im gonna do more testing on each part as you stated, I will post about what I find as I couldn’t find a “solution” to this problem. also, could these cv joints be causing issue? Both sides have similar play. I’m not sure if this is too much play or not. I cannot find play / recreate noise in any other suspension or drivetrain parts. I really appreciate your time. I’ve spent way too much time working on a new to me vehicle, lol.
  8. Damn. Didn’t fix anything. Also 4wd sounds like it’s going nuts almost like birds are chirping / sounds like a slight grinding noise. I’d assume the noise is related to the 4wd issue. I have autotrack transfer case. I just bought this truck. Yay. Any ideas?
  9. This is what I will try to do. I am going to take front and rear drive shafts out and replace the u joints while I am at it, and apply grease as needed. I’ll update if this fixes the issue or not. thank you
  10. Well, 2 days ago I bought a 05 Silverado z71 stepside, and I notice what sounds like rocks going around under my truck? I don’t have any vibrations or any other odd things going on, just the noise. It happens whether I’m in N or D when rolling. It sounds IDENTICAL to this video: does anyone have any ideas on what it is? I’d assume driveshaft, but does that mean replacement or what? I’m new to these trucks, and I’d appreciate any sort of help. thank you!
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