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  1. Hello I just read the problems you were having with your truck I have a 16 Denali 6.2 8spd I’ve the same issue as yours it shakes under light throttle from the get go I can feel it in the steering wheel as well ,,,did yours shake at 70+mph ??? I’m very frustrated as I’m not in the states my truck was imported from Dubai To another country so the parts availibilty is limited.... I did however balance the tires which improved a little but not completely eliminated.
  2. Thank you for your reply it’s very ironic to know that a car with 37000km has its warranty voided which means some one has done something out of the dealership shop I’m gonna be flying soon to the Middle east to show this as an evidence to the dealer that I purchased the car from he told me its under warranty and you can check it.
  3. Bad things happen at times one can’t do nothing about it I was hoping to have trouble free time with the truck, I will be going to Dubai to get a new engine that’s the only option... hoping to get a reimbursement cost of the engine from the dealer....it is a real head turner down here we’ve like 2-5 Gmc’s all over the country you get an idea.The most common Suv here is a Toyota Land Cruiser everyone with a deep pocket owns one. I surely will update you ppl. Wish me luck !
  4. Thanks man flying back to Dubai to deal with dealer, will get a new engine and ship it over availability of parts at my side of the shore is close to none for these trucks.
  5. There was no knocking or tapping the engine lost power suddenly it shook for 2-5 minutes under throttle and then seized at first I thought it was the battery or perhaps the starter motor but it turned out to be a major issue I’m hoping to get it fixed ASAP as I love the truck but this issue came too early I barely drove it I'm in contact with the dealer in Dubai hoping to get a replacement engine.
  6. Thank you for your reply I’m not sure if the numbering is factory style as I’ve never owned a GM vehicle prior to this i hate to accept it but that’s what’s happened some one has definitely been there its badly damaged I’m in talks with the dealer in Dubai to get me a replacement engine if he doesn’t agree I’m gona file a complain against him for fraudulent case.
  7. Hello all !!! I’m new to the forum need some information regarding a GMC Sierra Denali 2016 that I purchased in Dubai In May 2018 I checked the car thoroughly it didn’t have no problems.The car was exported from Dubai to Pakistan where GMC is not officially present.I drove the car 500 km’s and the engine ceased at 37000 km’s after pulling the engine out an independent mechanic at a workshop discovered that the engine was repaired due to a severe leak in the block towards the flywheel which could not be seen from underneath the car during inspection but there was something more strange than that the engine identification number seems to be tempered I’m gona post a picture of it,if someone whose seen the block number on their engine can let me know if this block number is factory stamped or tempered.I’d appreciate their time.
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