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  1. so what I'm hearing overall is at the newer trucks with AFM seem to be more reliable than the older models and as long as I change the oil frequently and do proper maintenance these newer models, specifically 207,2018 seem to be pretty reliable and I shouldn't have too much to worry about or deter me from considering this truck
  2. Hello everyone new to the community and new to Chevy trucks. I'm looking to purchase my first Silverado in the near future but after researching the current gen Silverados I keep seeing how afwul afm is in these trucks and how in extreme cases it can lead to engine failure. Can someone explain to me exactly what what the problems are that owners are seeing with this technology and my big question is, have a lot of the issues been worked out or even resolved in the 2017-2018 models? Are the problems with afm severe enough to not make it not worth getting a new Silverado? All the bad things I am reading are really pushing me away from buying one . Any and all information is welcome ! Thanks guys !
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