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  1. I'm sure that's the problem. You can feel it in the steering wheel. There shouldn't be any reason they are shot with this many miles. I can replace them but I want to know why they wore out in the first place.
  2. I have a 2018 2500 crew cab and started having some steering vibration and took my truck in and was told the lower control arm bushings were shot. Seems a little premature on a totally stock truck that has all if it's miles on southern California highways. Anyone else have this issue?
  3. Yes I will definitely be pulling a trailer. Not heavy but probably a 24' snowmobile trailer. The cups and edge protector are only clear 3M stick ons. I dont need the nitrogen for life as the dealer is 250 miles from where the truck is going to be kept. $699 seems like a lot for stickers. I will try to get that taken off.
  4. OK I found a truck I am going to take a look at. 2018 GMC Sierra 2500HD Crew Cab Engine: Duramax® 6.6L Turbo Diesel V8 engine Trim: Denali Color: Onyx Black Installed Options Suspension Package, Off-Road $180.00 Duramax Plus Package $9,940.00 Switch, High Idle $200.00 LPO, Wheel locks, set of 4 $75.00 Sunroof, power $995.00 Lamps, Smoked Amber roof marker $55.00 DURAMAX PLUS PACKAGE DISCOUNT -$750.00 Total Factory Options $10,695.00 Dealer Installed Options: Molded Hood Protector $114.50 Three Camera Trailering System $1,161.50 Center Brake Light Camera $661.50 Hard Rolling Cover (Bak Revolver X4) $1,031.50 Molded Splash Guards $282.00 Blade LED Light Bar $240.50 3M Door Edge Guards, Handle Cups, and Nitrogen for life $699.00 Front All Weather Liner $116.50 Rear All Weather Liner $86.50 Total Dealer Options $4,393.50 MSRP $76,083.50 ($71,690 before dealer options) I can get this one for $64,614. $11,469.50 off MSRP or 15% off of sticker. Of the options that the dealer installed the ones I was going to purchase regardless are the bed cover and liners. Paying full price for those would set me back about $1,100. I could get the same truck minus all the dealer options for $62,500. Add to that my cover and liners and I am at $63,500. Of the remaining installed dealer options the only ones that interest me are the 3M Door Edge Guards, Handle Cups, and Nitrogen for life and the camera system. That's $2522 in options for $1100. I am not familiar with the camera system. It seems to get mixed reviews but the idea of it seems really cool. I guess my question is which would you choose? 1. Loaded truck for $64,614 2. This truck with just cover and liners for $63,500 Thanks for your input!
  5. Here is the truck I am looking at. The MSRP is $72,080 and a sale price of $59,995 +TTL. Seems like a decent deal at 17% off of MSRP. What do you think? Still leaving too much meat on the bone?
  6. Ok that's what I was wondering. I am wanting to try the Duramax.
  7. So I am considering buying my first Sierra and honestly not real familiar with the pricing. I have owned Super Duty's in the past and know that Ford inflates the price a fair amount then knocks it back down to "reality" with tons of rebates. That said my pricing was generally $500 - $1000 below invoice plus rebates. My last purchase was a 2011 F-350. MSRP was 60,000 and I bought it for $49000+ TTL. Shopping the Sierra it seems the typical sale pricing isn't quite as discounted off MSRP as the Ford. Anyway, I have been looking at 2016's and newer 2500 Denalis. There isn't a whole lot to choose from even 500 miles from where I am at in SoCal. From my initial shopping it seems that a used 2017 with approx 10k - 15k miles is priced similar to a new one with the 10% discount off MSRP. Is the 10% promotion more aggressive than you normally see? Or is it pretty close to what you can negotiate on any given day? Looking at the pricing I could find in the internet 10% off MSRP puts it below dealer cost. Thanks!
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