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  1. Fuel pump priming prior to start up? If you close the door and open again and don’t hear the same sound, good chance that’s all it is - totally normal - my truck does it, so does the Ford at work...
  2. Just went through the same thing at my work as well. Contacted dealer, provided VIN, was told cannot add GM key fob based on trim level. In the end we added an aftermarket one. Which seems stupid to have to do when the vehicle already has power locks, but it later what got us a fob so we are ok with that [emoji1303]
  3. Recently went from an ‘06 LT 5.3 to ‘18 LTZ 6.2, also drive a ‘17 LT 5.3. I have put 7000 km on the 6.2 and have no regrets. If you like access to power with the push of a pedal, the 6.2 will not disappoint. It’s a monster. Also as others have said my experience has been better mpg but am running premium fuel. I figure even from empty it’s not even $10 more to fill, worth it for the peace of mind. The owners manual has some dire warnings, true or not, worth it for the peace of mind on a $70k (canadian$) investment imo
  4. If you have auto and decent tires, you don’t need weight. Been running this way for years [emoji41]
  5. If towing is the main reason, you should consider the 6.2L. I got it, and love it. Intend to add airbags to rear suspension in future (hoping set of ‘06 will fit on ‘18). I made the dealer do the work, said I’m comfortable at such a price, gave my basic wants and they fed me options... I feel it worked nicely this way. Dealer ended up bringing in a truck from 500km away for me!
  6. My 2 cents... decide what you can afford as far as payments/purchase price goes and shoot for as many options as possible... I’ve had a similar attitude to yours where the thought of some of the frills available these days seem foofy. But as I’ve worked my way up, truck to truck more options have “crept” in to the newer ride... and I have to say it’d be hard to choose which ones to cut.... If I had to choose some to drop, collision avoidance/parking assist/power pedals would be among the first. Ones I’d never give up are the “heated stuff” seats & wheel are a great addition (depending on your climate, I’m in Ontario so killer dirty winters) if you have any type of aging body lol.
  7. 6.2 8 speed def a whole new world as far as towing goes [emoji1303]. Very happy with the performance. A loaded shot and a glamor shot for fun!
  8. She’s at 315 000km. I’ll put some more on but it’ll be slow cause she’s a bush truck now! Hmm, next fave thing would be the heated cooled seat I think, but it’s hard to choose one cause there’s sooo many cool toys in here he newer trucks!
  9. Thanks! It was pretty well maintained, but looks can be deceiving, haha! She’s at 315000km (ontario/Canada- so killer salt in winter...) The rockers and box are toast, fuel and ps leaks and other minor things including rattles and creaks... I’ve put a lot of work into her from routine maintenance to replacing fuel and brake lines, but its come to a point where I was starting to wonder when something bigger (tranny or something) let’s go. And then I came across this truck. Rest is history [emoji846] You definitely notice the power difference going up to the 6.2 (I also drive a 17 LT rental for work daily) and it is just great, can’t wait to see how it tows!
  10. Out with the old... [emoji17] In with the new! [emoji846] 2006 1500 LT to 2018 1500 LTZ with the 6.2 [emoji41]
  11. AWD is the bomb! Mine lives there in fall/winter (unless the road are nice and dry), which is around September-May. The only issue I’ve had (regular oil changes done using OEM fluids) is the selector switch gone bad $115 dollar part + 10 min to diy. Decent I think with the truck at 315000km Also, if you’re into a bit of goofing around, rwd vehicle awd drifting is pretty cool [emoji41] haha I’ve had bfg k02, Goodyear wrangler, Toyo open and some other randoms on the rentals I’ve had. All tires (and truck brands for that matter)spin on wet pavement if you get into it even a bit too much if you ask me... and that’s why the auto is sweet
  12. Do you have auto 4x4? Are you slipping only when in 2wd? Pretty typical for most truck to do that, at least in my experience. I get to drive a lot of rental trucks at work and have had several different years of chev/gm’s with auto 4x4. Also own an 06 Silvy cc 4x4 with auto (my 18 is in this week!), and have to say I love it in this type of weather condition. Also great in winter [emoji300]️! Aside from that in all of these trucks with several different types of higher end AT type tires all trucks break loose on wet roads, due to the fact that there is no weight in the back end. I’m not saying you can’t get a better set of tires than what you may have (there’s many different “factory” tires going out the factory door), but I am saying a better tire, may not fix the problem!
  13. I’ve had the firestone setup on my 06 Silvy 1500 cc going on 6 years. Zero issues and that’s running in the salty Ontario winters. Hoping I can transfer the kit over to my new rig (18 Silverado). Would buy again forsure. Currently towing 4000# camper regularly, occasionally tow 7000# skidsteer on a 2000# trailer, used to frequently tow 10000# dump trailer used for shingle roofing every summer weekend. Always a level ride [emoji1303]
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