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  1. My name is Taylor I'm 27 year's old and I'm a farm hand for big farmer in the area bin farming with this big John Deere out fit for four years this December. My truck is a 98 Z71 Silverado 1500 5.7. I'v just done rockers and cab corners new oem grille new lights 3" full true dualls 5" chrome tips. Once seeding is done I'm putting new front fenders on it aswell as fixing the rust on the box then going on repaint the entire truck.
  2. Just had it dualled full 3" no cats double H pipe and 10" 3"in 3"out thrush single chamber bottles with 4"in 5" stainless steel tips on 90s. So deep and aggressive.
  3. Oka so I'll inform you guys on the whole story. So I hoped in my truck one day and when I hit the key it just made a single click so I put a brand new AC Delco starter in and hit the key and click wtf! So I loaded tested the battery was good I replaced the battery cables thinking in was a cable problem hop in hit the key thinking I had it fixed and click. At this point I'm very upsett and beyond fusterated so I ordered a new ignition switch put that in and click OMG WTF.So I decided whatever I'll try one more starter and she fired up. He's the problem that I now have now that I put the ignitio
  4. Looks good always liked that color with chrome.
  5. These are the custom brackets I had to build I took the 2018 brackets and the 98 brackets and combined them(2014+2018 frame is almso 3" wider on both sides then the gmt400. I do plan on going back and do some boxing in to make them stupid stong but took all day to rip the old shitty bumper off with siezed bolts i got plans for the future and will do some serious boxing to these brackets ran out of time and got tired.
  6. Thanks for the coment on the bumper by the way a good friend of mine said he thinks it looks like shit. I like it I smashedh leg in three different places a year ago in a dirtbike accident I like the steps now that l have a bad leg. I was quoted $700 + for a fully dressed new 98 rear bumper I found this mint 18 bumper for $200. I could post pictures of the brackets I had to make to make it fit.
  7. No haven't have bin buisy with harvest. My friend runs a mechanic/tire shop so im letting him tinker with it tomorrow. Im leaning towards to the new AC Delco starter is no good or ignition switch is done or both. I just don't know what else it could be bin through the truck top to bottom can't find nothing else wrong. Im really starting to get fusterated about it. Can't wait for the new 3" duall exhaust.
  8. I haven't drove the truck in couple days It won't start. When I hit the key it makes a single click and that's it. I put a brand new starter in it new battery cables new alternator and battery passed a load test and engine is not siezed engine light did appear the day before this happened. WTF ! Ingintion switch?
  9. This is my 98 I purchased from local insurance company SGI. I placed a bit in a $705 and originally lost but the other guy ended up ditching and I was the next highest bidder. It's a 98 Z71 Silverado power driver's seat mirrors console 3rd door options go on including a 373 gears 14bolt rear diff with locker. Anyway it was in very bad shape when I first bought him. It now has led park lights ( not shown) I also just put a 14-18 Chevy rear bumper on it. Did a bunch of mechanical work and going for full 3" true dualls with 5" chrome tips on 90s yes full 3" true dualls no cats just H-PIPE and 10
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