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  1. Ok understood. First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to write an explain all of that. I figured knowing GM, they would had made the A, B, and C pillars would be same/similar so things would crush the same. But everything you said makes sense. I always wondered if these trucks had a side airbag option and it was just very rare. What you said about how the Yukon crushing differently I can understand though. What you said in The beginning your last paragraph was my hope but clearly that’s not happening. Anyways I get what you’re saying and agree with it. I’ll scratch that mod off the list then. Thanks for your time. I have another post on here about a legitimate ABS issue, maybe you can help with that. You really seem to know what you’re talking about so feel free! Again, thank you.
  2. This is exactly why I am asking on the forums. I understand exactly how an SRS airbag system works. Airbags have to fire at a specific time right down to the millisecond. I get it. Like I said. I am not afraid of a project. For example, if that means buying the correct equipment to program the SRS system correctly, then so be it. Adopting the SRS airbag strategies that the Yukon XL’s may be the solution. Again that’s why I am asking here. I absolutely understand that you cannot just “put in the bag in the seat, wire it up to bag in the steering wheel and declare it good”. I understand these are complex systems. If you’d like to help, I’d appreciate it. Unless a GM engineer can tell me this is unsafe, and/or cannot be done, I’ll be looking for the correct way to do it. Thank you.
  3. I do yes. I am planning on redoing my driver and passenger seats(new foam and covers etc) and in the how-to video on it, they showed how to cut out for the side air bags. I am not afraid of a project at all. I just am trying to figure out what it is I will have to do. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a 2005 Sierra Denali. When I got the truck from my uncle who was the original owner, the gauge cluster, which was brand new installed by GM did not illuminate the ABS and BRAKE lights. Everything else works. I pulled the cluster apart and tested that those LED’s work, and they do. I replaced the ABS pump unit because it was not functioning, and had the EBCM rebuilt. The ABS functions correctly now with the exception of those lights that have never been on since I got the truck. Even if I press the Parking brake/E-brake, the red BRAKE light stays off but it will ding at me if try to drive with it on, similarly, before I replaced the ABS pump, I got a message in the odometer screen saying “Service Brake System”, no lights from either. No fault codes. They don’t even come on when cycling the key, but all the other ones do. I’m at a loss. Can’t find any broken wires or bad grounds. Any help would be great. Thank you!
  5. Hi, Not sure if this is even possible, but I have seen many 2005 and years similar Yukon’s/Tahoe‘a/Yukon XL‘a/Suburbans/Escalades with side air bags in the driver and passenger seats. I’ve never seen a pickup truck with them. I have a 2005 Sierra Denali crew cab and was wondering if I could add them in if I were to pull side airbags out of a junked Yukon or something. I’m assuming the crash sensors are the same across the Sierra and Yukon. Does anyone know if this is even possible, and if so, how do I do it? Thanks!!!
  6. Hi guys, I am new to this so please excuse any mistakes I make and/or any repetition, just some help would be great. So...I have a 2005 Sierra 1500 Denali. MY uncle bought it brand new and gave it to me as a gift at 250k miles, truck still runs strong! He maintained it very well but close to the time he gave it to me, the gauge cluster motors went bad and he had a new unit put in at the dealer. While there, he declined repair to the ABS system, but he swears up and down there was never an ABS or brake warning light before or after the cluster replacement. I found out the truck's ABS wasn't working in the rain one day so I went on the way to fixing it. I found that the pump motor was seized, so I replaced the motor/modulator valve with a new AC Delco one. From there, I had my control module rebuilt. The main issue with that was the transistor inside blew out because the old seized motor was drawing too much current. Now the ABS works great, no codes, no nothing, but there is still a remaining issue. The same guy who redid my module checked my cluster outside of the truck. The ABS and Brake lights work outside the truck(on his test bench), but not in the truck(plugged into the truck). Not when I turn the key or even if I command all cluster lights on with my snap-on scanner. All the lights but those two come on. But if I leave the e-brake on, I get the constant warning chime, and if I unplug the ABS, I get a "Service Brake System" message in the cluster odometer screen. But in the truck, those two lights refuse to come on. No wires are missing or cut from the connector and obviously no pins on the cluster are missing. I just have accidentally left the e-brake on before not having that light working, and also, I will not be able to know if I have an ABS issue ever without scanning it. Sorry this is so long but I felt the back-story was necessary. Thanks so much for any help guys. Also, the ground on the body mount frame bracket is good and clean. I posted this on the Silverado/Sierra forum but figured I would here too.
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