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  1. So this might be known already, but if you set the Auto memory recall (includes seats, mirrors, pedals) in the infotainment system when you get in with your key/fob it will sense which fob it is and move the seat to the saved position. You can also set an exit position(shared feature between all keys called "Easy exit recall") that moves the seat when you open your door. I am about 6'3 and the wife is about 5'2 so its nice never having to "adjust" the seat or mirrors. Just be sure which key you have as I was driving with key 2 and didnt know it, I wanted key one lol.
  2. One thing I noticed about the 19's is they are including auto stop on all engines offered in the truck. Had it in my jeep and it drove me nuts, I know it was rather fast to start but I just worry about wear and tear with it "restarting" constantly. I know I could turn it off but having to do that every single time was a PITA. From GM Authority Today, we’ll be looking at how to turn the feature off, especially when no dedicated shut-off button is present in the vehicle. Plenty of GM products do come equipped with an engine stop-start defeat button, wearing an icon that consists of a capital letter “A” encircled by an arrow. Anytime that GM’s auto engine stop-start is active, the driver need only press that button once to turn the system off for the time that the vehicle is in use, until the next shutdown and startup. I only have about 1k miles on my 19 SLT with the 6.2, but I am loving it getting about 20-21 MPG mostly highway for me not in rush hour, and for just over 41k on a 57k+ sticker I couldn't pass it up.
  3. So I recently purchased a 2018 Sierra 1500 with the 6.2......nothing like a crew cab corvette to get to work lol. Anyway what I noticed is driving me rather nuts, the volume control on the steering wheel and the radio do not match up. What I mean is, if I use the steering wheel control and set it to half volume, when I adjust it on the radio its over half. When I set it for halfway on the radio, its under halfway when I use the steering wheel control........sorry to those who never noticed and will now be driven crazy.
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