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  1. Anyone know a simple way to disable the automatic on headlights on a 2017 1500 W/T ? They are constantly coming on when I leave the doors open to hear the radio.
  2. Asking because I am at work and My owners manual is at home and wanted to order the filter, gasket and fluid while I am at work. Thanks all.
  3. Changing My 6 speed transmission fluid and filter soon. Need to know how much fluid to buy. Any ideas ??
  4. What is a good brand of LED's to change out the factory HID headlamps for a 2017 1500 chevy W/T ??
  5. 2017 Chevy Sliverado. Does anyone make a cheaper 4.3 LV3 intake tube, that goes between the airbox and throttle body, than Airaid? $169.00 is a lot of money for a curved piece of plastic. I just want to get rid of that huge piece of plastic so I can see the down the front of the engine. I could make one from a turbo plumbing kit, but it would be easier to plug and play. Thanks.
  6. That was the conditions before I started to select L4 or L5. Discovered that the dash display would show V6 and V4 mode. Still don't always remember to down shift it though. Too busy watching other drivers in my lane.
  7. Turns out the engine was going into V4 mode at 35 MPH in drive. The engine feels like it is miss firing at such a low speed, Hence the shuddering and chattering feeling.
  8. How would I go about getting a replacement window sticker or installed options build sheet for my 2017 Silverado??
  9. That's what I've been doing. It only runs at 1000 RPM at 35 -40 MPH.
  10. Like running over ripples on the road, Similar to the ones on the shoulder to alert you you're about to go ditch running.
  11. My 2017 V6 Silverado single cab WT transmission seems to chatter at slow speeds. My drive to work is on narrow crooked roads for 14 miles and can seldom get to 45 MPH. Occasionally I have been putting it in low and manually shifting it to stop the constant shifting up and down in auto mode. Afraid the constant slowing down for the curves and the other slow drivers on these country roads will eventually kill the tranny. I have never seen a trans shift as much as this one. It will go through all 6 up and down within a 1/4 mile just letting off the gas and letting it coast down before the curves and re-accelerating to 35 mph before the next one. Wish a manual Trans was an option. With a manual I could just leave it in 3rd and run the worst 4 miles of the curves at 30 mph without shifting. Anyone else had a chattering at slow speeds? The truck has only 16,000 miles on it.
  12. Bought a 2017, built in Sept 2016 , 4.3 2wd short bed Silverado 1500 WT from my neighbor recently for a heck of a deal. Was kind of leary about having another gas sucking full size truck as I am a notorious tightwad with my money. But I really needed a stout truck to haul lumber and trailer loads of farm stuff and couldn't pass up such a deal on a 16,000 mile truck for $15,000. After having it for 3 months I am really impressed with the fuel economy. Hand calculated MPG, always filled to overflowing, has been 22 MPG+ so far. I have NEVER had a truck with a V6 or V8 that got that kind of mileage. My 1998 Dodge Dakota single cab short bed with a 3.9 V6 Never got more than 20 MPG. And I drove it for 18 yrs before giving it to My daughter, Who complains about the terrible gas mileage. Power has never been an issue as I have never had a full size truck with 285 HP. It seems more powerful than a 1982 454 3/4 ton I had years ago. And It would not get 15 MPG down hill !! Keep it up Chevy, You're on the right track !!
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