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  1. Quick question for you all, I flushed my coolant yesterday on my 2008 GMC Sierra Denali. I removed lower hose from radiator, drained, replaced hose. Then removed upper hose, filled overflow from hose, and ran the engine and heater on full blast, letting the water run through the radiator until it was clean. Then connected the upper hose, and removed lower again to drain anything else. I then cleaned everything up, and added a gallon of concentrate DexCool and a gallon of distilled water. The truck won't take any more fluid. I read the engine doesn't empty when you do it this way, but I thought the coolant capacity was over 4 gallons on the V8. I am concerned that with adding the water from the hose, and then only a 50/50 mix, that I might be using a lot more water than DexCool, can the testers you buy tell you around what ratio I am at? Does the engine really hold 2 gallons of coolant? I drove it all today watching the temps and nothing spiked or anything. Its running great.

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