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  1. I charge my Ipad, laptop, or digital instruments I use for work. I love having it, also sometimes use it to charge my iphone with the ipad charging block since it charges faster than the built-in wireless phone charger.
  2. The ride is better and the EcoBoost is a blast, a lot more peppy than my 6.2, it's like driving a sports car when those turbos kick in.
  3. Well, sounds like it's gonna take about 3 weeks to get my truck fixed and back due to the holidays. I have to say though, I'm super impressed with the F150 with 3.5 EcoBoost rental I'm driving.
  4. I got an initial quote, it's at a second body shop now and the 2nd guy says he thinks there is some frame damage that the first estimator missed. Now I'm waiting for an insurance adjuster to go look at it.
  5. Yep, if I’d been on my bike I’d probably be dead.
  6. Not really any place to go, there were 4 cars stopped in front of me and moving traffic lane to the right and a curbed median to the left. I didn’t even see him coming.
  7. I don’t know, my insurance company will probably sue him.
  8. Got rear ended sitting at a dead stop at a red light, and of course the guy who hit me didn’t have insurance!!! Hit so hard the seat belt airbags went off and lockuped up the seat belts. Thankfully my daughter and myself are okay, but the first repair estimate is for $7,000. My truck is only a year old with 29,000 miles on the clock. I’m so mad I could scream.
  9. I put a plastic shopping bag over the alternator and then apply a liberal spraying of Simple Green all over the engine and engine compartment, let it sit for a few minutes and then hose it off with a garden hose. This has worked well for me, I've cleaned my engines this way (except for Simple Green, I used to use other engine cleaners like Gunk before Simple Green came out) for 30 years and never had an issue, everything from a 1971 Ford F-100 to my current 2018 Sierra.
  10. I’ve done around 5,500 miles on my first 2 oil changes with OEM Dexos. Probably stick to that. Got right around 12,000 miles and hasn’t used any oil, 2018 CC SLT with 6.2.
  11. Congratulations, great write up. I'd love to have a Raptor I think they're awesome trucks.
  12. Yeah, my 2018 does it too, curious as to what it is but figured it's normal, makes sense if it's emissions related.
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