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  1. I put a plastic shopping bag over the alternator and then apply a liberal spraying of Simple Green all over the engine and engine compartment, let it sit for a few minutes and then hose it off with a garden hose. This has worked well for me, I've cleaned my engines this way (except for Simple Green, I used to use other engine cleaners like Gunk before Simple Green came out) for 30 years and never had an issue, everything from a 1971 Ford F-100 to my current 2018 Sierra.
  2. I’ve done around 5,500 miles on my first 2 oil changes with OEM Dexos. Probably stick to that. Got right around 12,000 miles and hasn’t used any oil, 2018 CC SLT with 6.2.
  3. Congratulations, great write up. I'd love to have a Raptor I think they're awesome trucks.
  4. Yeah, my 2018 does it too, curious as to what it is but figured it's normal, makes sense if it's emissions related.
  5. I'm on a road trip from Arkansas to Florida, my 2018 CC Z71 with 6.2 and 3.23 gears and BFG KO2 275/60r20 tires averaged 20.2 mpg over 1050 miles (computer was showing 21.5). I'm running 93 octane and cruise was set between 70 and 75 for most of the trip. Odometer was around 5,500 miles when I left, around 6,800 right now. I'm gonna check the mileage on the way back too.
  6. Is the seat option turned on in your settings for LDA? I've got mine turned off because I don't like it, you can turn it on and off.
  7. http://www.trucktrend.com/news/163-0910-truck-towing-capacity/
  8. You'll have to ask GM lol. And 5.3 8-speed with enhanced towing package is 11,000 lbs.
  9. 12,500 lb tow rating is for crewcab 2wd 6.2 engine with 3.42 gears.
  10. It depends on the configuration of the truck, regular cab, double cab, crew cab, 2wd, 4wd. Google 2018 GMC Sierra Owners manual, all the tow ratings are listed in the owners manual. Crewcab 4WD with short box and 6.2 engine is rated at 9,100 lbs same as the same truck with the 5.3 engine and 3.42 gears.
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