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  1. Low voltage issue

    Here is my 2017 Denali with the 6.2L and 35,000 miles. Notice my two pictures have different miles on the trip meter. I was driving around for 4 hours yesterday morning and it stayed this low the whole time. This line represents around 12 v. You mean to tell me that this thing was in fuel saver mode charging at 12v for half a day? I’m having tons of electric problems on my truck and the dealer is using this as an excuse to not find the real problem. I’m also having transmission shuddering and slipping trouble, severe detonating on 93 octane (only when it’s cold and dry out), and front parking sensors and crash avoidance sensors throwing codes. Had front power seat and rear wiper not work intermittently too. Dealer is just making excuses but I think in my case this is NOT operating as designed. Can anyone elaborate on this?

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