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  1. I just went through the same thing with my 16 6spd. What the guys above are telling you is correct. Torque converter fails sending metal throughout the trans. Got a reman installed by my local dealer. Call GM also. They helped foot some of the bill on mine. I was at 69k miles. On top of that on the way to take it in for the transmission issue I had an injector fail. Had to replace the injector, high pressure fuel pump, 1 valve, and a lifter.
  2. Went to pick the truck up the other day and still had the original issue with the shudder. Took it back to the dealer and they confirmed torque converter issues. So I really had two problems. They are now putting a new transmission in it. GM did agree to help cover some of the replacement costs thankfully. Hopefully when I get this thing back it will trouble free for a while.
  3. Got another call from the dealer today. " We replaced the vacuum pump but that didn't fix it. Now you have a failed #3 injector and a bad high pressure fuel pump, going to be $1300 to fix it.". Are there any tsb or recalls out for this? I haven't seen anything while searching but do see a fair amount of injector issues among the searches.
  4. Update: I got a call from the service advisor at the dealership today and he says that it is a bad vacuum pump causing all the issues.
  5. So, I had to get it hauled to the dealer because it started running so bad but dealer says I have a bad pump and they will cover it under warranty.
  6. So I finally got a check engine light while trying to get the truck to the dealer but it doesn't make sense to me. It's P219A Bank 1 Air/Fuel Ratio Imbalance. I could see the surging and rpms fluctuation but the odd sounds at gear change is crazy to me? Could it be struggling that much on rpm change that it makes metallic sounds?
  7. I've got the sct x4 I know it see engine trouble codes not sure about transmission codes. I don't have any lights in the dash and truck showed no codes with the sct.
  8. 69,000 miles 5.3 6 spd. It's just crazy to me how it was perfectly fine the whole way home and then 5 minutes later has issues. No warning signs at all.
  9. I've got a 2016 Silverado 4wd with a 6in lift. I purchased the truck about a year ago and have had no issues at all. I tuned it with an SCT x4 right after I purchased it. I took it on a about 70 mile trip tonight with no issues at all. I realized I forgot something from town and jumped back in it to run back out and it started surging and rpms were jumping around about 250-300 rpms. If I downshifted one gear it would quit and do fine. It also has sort of metal rattle sound when shifting gears now. Any one have any ideas?
  10. I have a set of DL8 mirrors with silver caps I'll sell you. Came off my 2016. If interested let me know and I can get pics. $150 shipped sound fair?
  11. I've considered that. It's useless to him since it's married to my truck. He offered to sell it to me for $100 but I don't want the tuner.
  12. That's what I was thinking but the original owner lives about 3.5hrs from me and the dealer wants $100-$150 to set it back to stock so I was considering being lazy and cheap...lol
  13. I called Diablo and talked to them. They said that the InTune3 can't write tunes to a vehicle that isn't set to factory anyway. Going to have to try to get with the original owner to set it back to stock or go to a dealer and have them do it.
  14. I purchased a 2016 Silverado that was tuned by the previous owner with a Hypertech tuner. I purchased a Diablo InTune3. Will I be able to install the Diablo tunes or does it need to be set back to factory before I can do it?
  15. It's very scary for me. I don't want to ruin my new truck. I will look into it and see what I think. May try to get it back factory then get another tuner for it with custom tunes from someone.
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