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    2015 Sierra 1500 SLE
  1. Lift Identification

    Cool! I'm gonna bring it in to a local shop at some point and see if they can tell me anything else or give me any suggestions. Do you know what the stock height was for your rear?
  2. Lift Identification

    Here ya go! I can take another pic tomorrow from a better angle, the measurements from center of hub to fender are 24.5" in the front and 26.5" in the rear
  3. Lift Identification

    I've gotta be measuring the wrong thing then cause there's no way I'm lifted 5" lol
  4. Lift Identification

    I meaused the front and it seems to be 2.5" in the front. I've been trying to figure out who made these parts just so I know what I've got! Do you have any suggestions on how to figure that out? Thabks!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I'll give it a shot! I'm new to the truck world and just picked up a 2015 Sierra 1500 SLE that had some work done by a previous owner (who unfortunately I have no contact info for otherwise I would ask them). I believe that my truck has been leveled in the front and rear, although I cannot seem to figure out how. I'm assuming they added spacers to the leaf springs as those look new (the blocks measure about 3.5") but in the front I can't seem to find anything that looks aftermarket. I've attached some pictures if you guys don't mind letting me know if you can figure it out, I'd be happy to take more if necessary. Thanks for all the great info on this site and I'm looking forward to making a few mods! p.s. sorry for all the edits, I tried to re-size and add in images in a better size and messed it up! p.p.s. apologies for all the rotated images, it it flipped them automatically and I'm not sure how to adjust it, thanks!

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