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  1. Husky underseat storage

    Currently with the GM liners... the Husky GearBox rests in front ( or outside ) of the molded lip on the GM liners... so the Husky is sitting on the thickness of the liner's floor... no ridge or lip is in the way. With the seats down there is a 1/4" gap on the inside perimeter... and flush on the outside near the rear doors (between underside of seats and Husky). Thinking it has to be the thickness of the GM liners at the center seam area.
  2. Picked up the Husky Gear Box under seat storage for a 2018 Denali CC with the GMC all weather floor liners from factory. Having an issue getting it to sit flush on top of the rear floor liner that goes under the rear seats. I've seen reviews of those who purchased it and said it fits fine and flush over the Husky floor liners. Are the GMC ones thicker than 3rd party after market ones?
  3. Tonneau Covers

    Thank you all for the feedback. Much appreciated! I'm leaning towards the Retrax Pro MX... and today they announced a promotion on just that model of tonneau. When purchased thru participating resellers till 4/15... a free SwingCase via a mail in process to Retrax. FYI... if anyone else is shopping for a tonneau. Also... I watched an install video for the SwingCase... I have to think there's some noise and/or vibration with them?... unless that latching system is super tight. Any thoughts?
  4. Tonneau Covers

    Agreed... and as you said earlier... it simply comes down to preference of the look of each. As I recall... the Roll N Lock only locks at specific stops along the length vs the Retrax being able to lock at any location?
  5. Tonneau Covers

    I initially liked the Revolver's low profile look... but kept looking at those segmented plastic sections rolling up each time in each demo video I watched... then saw the sealed bearings on the others.... night and day! 2 sites have 10% OFF right now on lots of covers... so it's a decent savings at the Retrax MSRPs... TonneauCover World and RealTruck Over here in PA/NJ waiting for springtime to detail
  6. Tonneau Covers

    Thanks for that feedback on Retrax customer service re: their cost U/Gs offered to you... that alone gets them 'a look' and consideration. and yes... the 1'x1' canister space requirement is the tradeoff for security.
  7. Tonneau Covers

    So true... my concern on the BAK Revolver series... are those plastic sections ( 2" long each ?) along the bedrails that their locking collar grabs onto... roll up... roll out... roll up... roll out... and after a while I have to wonder how those hold up too. I agree... Roll N Lock and Retrax look like the most secure.... just coming to grips with the price... Thanks... your feedback has helped Any recommendations for resellers?
  8. Considering a cover for a 2018 Sierra CC Denali... saw the demo rack at the dealership for the 'REV' version of what looked like the BAK Revolver X2 cover... and now I see BAK has the Revolver X4 version. I was considering one of those till the Retrax PRO was mentioned here on other threads. The MSRP of the Retrax seems to be the going price lately... haven't seen them discounted until today with 2 sites offering 10% off till next week sometime. Any feedback on these covers? Thanks!
  9. Congrats on the new wheels! .... looks GREAT! Pulled the trigger on one just like it recently... loving the truck and its 6.2L
  10. With only a few days left on GMC's Feb. rebates on 2018 Sierra Denalis... any thoughts on where GM goes with 2018 rebates next month?
  11. Ceramic Coating

    Question: At what point in the process would the paint correction occur?.... prior to the Xpel or after?
  12. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    Thank you for the feedback! I suspected exactly what you shared re: the 'outs' that are written into such up-sells. Hey... it's that Onyx Black paint that had me thinking about it too...
  13. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    LSR Mike ... The numbers that get quoted for those services always amaze me... but hey... F&I is a profit center... we get to simply say.... no... and smile as they go thru the motions...
  14. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    That is looking... OUTSTANDING! .. .
  15. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    Thank you ALL for the insight on upkeep after correcting and coating a vehicle right after purchase via professional detailer. The responses were as I suspected. With no metallic in the Onyx Black paint...my concerns were swirls... especially when the sun hits them. THAT is outright painful to take in. Still debating it vs going with silver metallic... but have had a silver SUV for years. The other contender is White Frost.

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