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  1. wanted to add another experience with this. I just took my 2014 6.2L into the dealer to have them look into a loud ticking sound. turns out the #4 AFM lifter rod was bent. they are recommending replacing the rod/lifter for all 4 cylinders on that side of the engine. Truck only has 55k miles on it, but I have had it for over 5 years...so out of warranty. Dealer actually contacted GM and they are agreeing to pay for the bulk of the cost. they will not say that the AFM caused this, and I don't have any facts to back that up. I am impressed that GM would cover most of it out of warranty. given the low mileage, I think they should. I also have been dealing with this particular dealer for a while, and they are truly one of the best.
  2. i'm considering installing the Alpine ILS-i207 with the idatalink Maestro in my 2014 silverado that came with factory NAV and BOSE. I'm curious if others have done this combo...or any HU with the Maestro, and whether or not you lost any SWC functionality. I'm also curious what changes or loss of info occurs on the smaller display on the cluster? Does the Maestro provide some of the detail you get with the factory system? thanks, Jim
  3. RonSC, I sent you a PM... I'm also in SC and will be looking to do this. @th3magpi3 thanks for all your work on this.
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