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  1. I had this issue and found out it was my idler arm. It didn't show itself on a lift. You had to jack up one side at a time and move the tire. Blatantly obvious when one tire was on the ground. My idler arm is bad too but I haven't had a chance to replace it. No more death wobble or shimmy in the steering wheel from 40 to 65.
  2. No the bolt that is sticking out in the picture is solid. All the other bolts that hold the front differential in are tight. I forgot to get a better picture of it when I was under there
  3. Just did the idler arm. While I was under there I checked all the bolts that are in place. They're all tight so I'm assuming that it's just a guide Bolt
  4. Thanks for the reply. I know it's a bad picture. I will try to get another when I do my pitman arm. The housing doesn't seem to be threaded. There's quite a bit of gap between the threads and the hole. If you zoom in you can see that there's enough threads for a nut.
  5. I was under the truck the other day checking for play in steering components and found this on the front differential. (Shadow area. Couldn't get a good pic) I can't imagine that they would use an actual bolt as a guide pin. Also, I don't see a ton of anchor points for the front differential. Am I Wrong to think there should be a washer and nut on this?
  6. 95% of the time it's the connection at the horn. A lot of times replacing the horn helps because you have a brand new connector on one side and it usually scrapes enough to make contact. I wouldn't bother. Get a small wire brush and try to clean out the contacts then soak them in Diet Coke. Blow them out and put Dielectric grease in the connection. Check function before reinstalling the grill and light bezel
  7. You mean have wams correct it? Need him to enable my tire pressures as well. Good for the beach
  8. *** IO3/ Alpine restyle/ Denali cluster UPDATE *** I received my Denali cluster again. It was acting up the first time. WAMS fixed it. I added the wire from the wheel to the cluster, and my issue with the steering wheel lights is solved. It was the communication. Next order of business is to reprogram the idata maestro. hopefully I wont need to add the other communication wires, or I can decipher how to run them directly to the maestro unit. The only issue I have, is that it says "Service power steering" every time I start the truck. A minor irritation, but I would like it sorted. Any ideas?
  9. Not sure what size wheel you have. I added Fox shocks and went to a 17" wheel wrapped in falken AT3. Made a huge difference. Doesn't handle car like, but I didn't buy a truck for the handling. anything with 20s and HD suspension is gonna be rough
  10. Well I got excited and thought I had the right terminals. They're a touch too big. Looks like shipping for these terminals is about 2 weeks from what I can see. I then decided to tear apart some old electronics to try and find some . No luck. Anyone got a couple they can send me in the mail? I would happily shoot over some beer money
  11. I just find it hard to believe that it will provide constant power to the back lighting and be communication to the cluster. Maybe the communication back from the cluster tells it to turn on? When you installed your Alpine, did you use the extra pigtail that goes in line? I'm going to inspect it tomorrow to see if I can tap into that
  12. I get that. Thanks for all your help in the past by the way. You have been incredibly helpful! Still not sure how it's going to provide constant power to my steering wheel for the button lights. Also, I don't have an HMI unit I have the idata maestro and the Alpine. The Maestro will need to be pulled and reprogrammed now that I have the buttons. However, if there's no pin in that current hole, im not sure it will work. Mind you I'm not absolutely sure where the signal get sent out of the cluster to this radio if the other 5 wires aren't sending signal. The alpine plugs into the old among other things and may get data there
  13. I am about to do this. 2016 2500hd plow prep IO3. Got my denali cluster from wams, wheel and cluster installed (currently no button backlighting) , and an alpine restyle. Cant grasp how the one wire will make it work, but I also only installed the basics with the alpine. Just need the crimper and pin. ?
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