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  1. I am going to swap the sensors over and see if the issue moves with it. I put a Bosch sensor in it at first and messed the threads up. Then I replaced the bung and removed cats and installed an Amazon sensor. I have to find a tap to clean the threads in the Bosch sensor. It’s brand new maybe was in for a week but the threads are full of metal.
  2. I don’t believe the 02 sensor is my issue but I’m going to try and swap the 2 up stream sensors and see if the issue moves. That will atleast point me in a better direction. I’ve had various people look at the truck but they don’t want to buy it with the misfire. It’s driving me crazy and I want to get it sold.
  3. It’s been a while but tomorrow morning I am going to attempt to look at it again. Im going to see if I can do a crank position relearn as I don’t believe I did it when I changed the crank sensor. Also im going to pull Both upstream 02 sensors and swap sides to see if my problem moves to the other side. I have the truck listed for sale but no interest due to the misfire. It also has a bad steering angle sensor I may replace before it sells as well to get rid of all the lights.
  4. Did this fix your issue? That could make sense, the transmission was rebuilt and it did not start up for a while after. The plug may not have been fully seated and backed off a tad causing intermittent connection issues.
  5. It has to be some form of sensor issue but I can’t figure it out. I’ve checked wiring between everything and even grounded the computer and still nothing. I don’t understand how out of no where it started this and no matter what I have done or tried it doesn’t fix it
  6. Yep same issue. My father has been an ASE master Tech for more then 30 years. Cannot figure it out to save our lives. I’ve replaced everything I could even think about and nothing has worked. I have no idea what it could possibly be.
  7. I have not. I can’t for the life of me figure it out. Hoping someone will buy it how it sits.
  8. Yes but what is weird is when you first start the truck usually it would run in open loop till the truck warms up. It doesn’t, it runs in closed loop, starts to misfire then switches to open loop.
  9. No I have not. It’s some form of electrical issue. Because when it goes into the loop that uses the 02 sensors. It misfires but when it goes to the default side rhat does not use the sensors it runs fine
  10. Yes I have the old one and a new one. Swapped them and no change.
  11. There are multiple cyl misfire codes and a code for b1s1 02 sensor. I don’t recall the actual code. And I have a snapon solus ultra.
  12. I’m sorry I did check them again and I am getting battery voltage. I’m going to check fuse 18 when I have some extra time.
  13. My voltage at the 02 sensors is like 8 volts. I do not get 12v but it is the same at all 4 sensors. I will try to pull that fuse and apply power and see what happens. I’m suspecting the fuse block. There is literally nothing else that it could possibly be. The truck was also from New York and was around salt and such. So it’s a possibility. I’ll try to look at it today.
  14. I have. I have tested the harness. Tested the sensors. Checked and changed grounds. Nothing has fixed it. The codes are 02 sensor codes yet everything has been replaced and is working fine.
  15. I replaced all 8 injectors, map sensor, maf sensor, crank sensor, swapped throttle body, smoke tested intake and exhaust, checked wire harness, new ecu. Nothing has fixed it. Hasn’t even put a dent in fixing it.
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