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  1. They called today and apparently that didn't fix the issue. They are now fighting with GM's engineering dept to figure it out..
  2. Update: A different mechanic had the laptop hooked up and was going to drive it home. Believe it or not it actually happened when he was driving. and I quote him, "It scared the shit out of me". He drove it back to the dealership and took his own truck home. Although the computer didn't throw any codes they did contact GM's technically support and they advised that it was the brake master cylinder after looking at my video. So they had to order a new one to install. Will advise later if it fixed the problem...
  3. Currently going through the same exact issue with my 2015 3500 dually. Dealer cannot not find the issue
  4. Well they swear that they checked everything and everything is good. My father in law is a diesel mechanic and he watched the video of what it was doing and agreed with me that something is going on with the ABS computer. However the dealership is pushing the tire issue so I bought a new set for the front. If it happens again and screws up my brand new $600 tires they will be replacing them yet again....
  5. If it was the tires wouldn't it be occurring every time I drive it and not once every so often? It happened once in January (was when I first took it in) and again yesterday.
  6. No mods have been done to the truck. Original tires and wheels. It is 500 miles over on the 36k bumper to bumper warranty but since I had it in there before for the same issue they are covering it.
  7. Hey looking for some answers or possible solutions for a wobble on my dmax. I took the truck in to the local dealership twice over the same issue. Since it only happens every now and again they cannot duplicate the problem. So... driving down the road 45-50 mph the steering wheel will start shaking left and right. I slow down and it gets worse to the point i have to completely stop. Violently shakes. I took it back to the dealership again today and of course the original tech was busy and couldn't do a road test so the service writer came on a ride. Although the severe shaking did not occur during the road test when i applied the brakes in a normal fashion the truck would either turn hard left or turn hard right. I let go of the steering wheel and proved that there is an issue to the service writer. They provided a loaner while they looked at the truck. Called back a couple hours later and said that I have to replace my front tires. I recently had the truck aligned and the tires are fine?? After arguing the obvious to them that if it was a tire issue the problem would be there every time I drove the truck. I went back up there and took the tech out for a ride. Of course the truck did not do it again but he was unaware of the video that I showed and sent to the service writer and what had happen during the initial ride. so I have to take it back up there again tomorrow. Any insight of what the issue could be would be greatly appreciated since the dealership is beyond clueless.
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