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  1. So I’ve been driving my 2012 Silverado for a good while now got it to start idling somewhat normal now. Seems to have a bit more power than it did before. The problem is coming to a stop it doesn’t down shift right and the other issue is the truck kinda stumbles and bogs down a bit in 6th gear. If I drop it manually into 5th gear it runs great. Any suggestions on these issues?
  2. I tried the whole relearn idle procedure unhooking battery for an hour, starting truck let idle for three minutes etc then do a drive cycle above 44mph more than ten miles. I drove the truck about 40 miles today. Seems to run better but when I go to slow down or come to a stop rpms aren’t where they should be and transmission isn’t keeping up with downshifting which feels like the truck wants to keep going once stopped. All I did was clean the throttle body and put back on. I’m sure I’ll have to take it to a mechanic now. Can’t believe cleaning could cause this much issues.
  3. Thanks I’m trying that now. If that doesn’t work I’m assuming I’ll have to take to a dealer to have that done?
  4. Having issues with my 2012 Silverado 5.3 after cleaning throttle body. RPMs are high cause truck to shifting problems and wanting to keep going when you get to a stop. When rev in park rpms will stay high or take forever to return to a normal idle. Need help!

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