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  1. Anyone have any leads on alum radiators? Im considering doing the thermostat and the delete for the trans thermostat.
  2. wow that would be awesome if i was getting that cold of temps.
  3. As the title states, looking for cooling mods I can do for my 2015 5.3l. I am towing my track car about once a month, sometimes twice and I find myself getting hot. This pass weekend i towed my car to Laguna Seca from Socal, and it got fairly hot going up the grapvine. Around 230 coolant and 230 trans temps. What cooling mods can I do? Whats out there?
  4. Whys that for the bend? and it will be coming with poly bushings.
  5. i have air bags in the rear of my CC standard bed. I have a 4.5 inch lift up front with the blocks removed in the rear. Im going to go with this front sway bar from Nolathane and they are also making a rear bar. Its not listed for the silverado just yet, but once they send it to me i am testing fitting an confirming it will fit. https://www.nolathane.com.au/product_detail_REV.php?year=2008&make=Chevrolet&model=Tahoe&trim=LT&part_number=REV003.0118
  6. I worked at K&N in Riverside, CA for a couple years as a tech. Absolutely no possible way a modern engine can pull the oil off of the filter and coat the MAF. You would be 2 thousand plus horsepower at minimum to do something like that, and if youre running that much power, then you dont need a filter because that car is a drag race car. I would get consistent calls and i would invite people down constantly so I can show them whats up. I dont work there anymore for personal reasons, but i still enjoy the product with no issues. If there was a problem I dont think would be in business anymore after this many years.
  7. hopefully chevy doesn't **** you on having an intake...
  8. Stock Manifolds>AFE Y-Pipe> Gibson dual sport>Gibson CFT muffler, switched to Gibson MWA muffler.
  9. Wait did i read that right no power mirrors? is that even possible? I think even work trucks got power mirrors...
  10. Second this^^ looks like the clip is holding it on...
  11. maybe an extra +15-20 foot pounds or torque felt. maybe 10 hp up top. But for sure I got a gain in something.
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