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  1. Fuel additive/cleaner for DI?

    Understood, but I guess my main question iS Are the people using the catch can still using AFM? Who is using a catch can WITH AFM? Who is using a catch can WITHOUT AFM? People who are using a catch can WITHOUT AFM, What did you notice the most?
  2. Fuel additive/cleaner for DI?

    Can someone verify if I am truly missing out on not having a catch can? I have had my AFM turned off since 19k miles so I didn’t think I needed a catch can. Am I crazy?
  3. Fuel additive/cleaner for DI?

    I used Lucas Oil DI cleaner just yesterday. I didn't get any smoke out of the exhaust like I was assuming, as I have with Sea Foam before on another vehicle. My truck has 56k miles, and has AFM turned off since 19k.
  4. Best Exhaust

    AFE y-pipe stock manifolds and Gibson dual sport with their MWA muffler
  5. I recently installed my AFE y pipe and i got an updated tune and I am popping P0430 codes every couple drive cycles. My tuner advised me to get 02 defoulers. Where can I find these and make sure I get the right ones?
  6. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    Heres an updated video of my exhaust. Still using the Gibson dual sport with the MWA muffler. But I have added the AFE-pipe.
  7. I like my standard bed, Its something different than all the CC SB out here in Socal, dont really see much CC standard beds.
  8. AFE Ypipe install

    I am going to be do a video hopefully soon. Ill upload to my youtube. For 14-18 5.3 trucks not possible to find a aftermarket y pipe. AFE had the market cornered. They are 100% the only people who make a product unless I have been living under a rock.
  9. To add to my rant. NO MATTER WHAT EXHAUST BRAND YOU GET OR IF ITS MADE OUT OF SOLID GOLD. It is going to make some sort of audible presence in the cab. Absolutely not possible to not get ANY noise in the cab with removing any stock aspect of the OEM exhaust. Thats what boggles my mind when people buy aftermarket shit for their vehicles. You are changing something OEM... there is going to be a change with the vehicle whether thats good or bad and whether thats something you want to live with or not... 9/10 people who called me should never open the hoods on their vehicles ever...
  10. I would constantly get calls when I worked at semi well known exhaust company that also shares a name with a guitar company... It got to the point I would tell people who were kind of nagging before they even had the exhaust to just pass on it... youll never be happy with it. "This kit is wayyyyy to loud i cant even think straight" So you do know you bought the absolute loudest kit we had available, why are you complaining now?
  11. My trucks tuned now with AFM off, but when it was untuned with AFM it was still such a better driving truck than with it ON. I saw no immediate loss with MPG.

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