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  1. i had to do 02 defoulers/extenders on my AFE Ypipe, no more CEL.
  2. That’s about what I’m getting. Nice
  3. how is your MPG with 4.56s?
  4. dang, this sounds like me and what I am wanting to do. I bet 4.56s would wake my truck up nasty. The driveability with my tune really made me love the truck even in being my stop and go traffic, i couldn't imagine have better gears. Im on the 3.42 right now.
  5. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    Dang. I’m wondering what I’m at honestly. Intake, y pipe, exhaust and tune from 5star. The truck def doesn’t feel slow. But I was wanting to do the l86 mani and TB. 390torque would be realllly nice
  6. I have had my AFE y pipe in for about 2 months now. I noticed more lower end torque and some higher end pull. My truck got tuned before the y pipe and after and I did notice a difference. I don’t think you would notice anything on a stock tune truck. But it is nice knowing my full exhaust is 3”. I guess other than the stock manifolds. I just didn’t want to touch those.
  7. Thats a full rear floor mat?
  8. Bilstein shocks thread

    correct, not using them now. cool im most likely going to get those bilsteins!
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    Thats what I was figuring. I would remove that rough country spacer. Are you thinking ill need extended brake lines?
  10. Removed rear block alignment off?

    i fixed it Rear doesn't look different, probably cause i have air bags... lmao
  11. Bilstein shocks thread

    Hoping to do the 5100 fronts and 5160 rears here soon. How is that combo? also. I shouldn’t have an issue with my current max track lift 3” lift spindles with the bilsteins right?
  12. Removed rear block alignment off?

    3 inch lift spindle up front with a 2 inch bottom strut spacer
  13. Removed rear block alignment off?

    My buddy just asked me this. I swore I did. I’ll have to check it tomorrow at work.
  14. Removed the rear block under the leaf springs right now and now my alignment is off by a lot well the steering wheel is pretty off. I’m a noob to suspension on trucks. At least the rear. What got thrown off?
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Think i used a little too much tire shine.

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