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  1. Another Long Tube question...

    I dont have specific numbers to give you, but the consensus with long tubes, catted or not, and a good tune, (obivously intake, and exhaust) would net you about 25-30hp and 25-30 tq.
  2. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Also showing my engine bay after my car wash
  3. Need Tuner Advice

    No misleading, i figured they would of thrown it on the dyno, but thats good, you obviously like the tune? Way different right? Im jelly that youre getting a blower, that would be nice to have for sure. I am considering long tubes...
  4. Need Tuner Advice

    Bad ass, I wonder if yours is miles different then mine since they through yours on the dyno. I seriously love driving my truck now because of the tune.
  5. Need Tuner Advice

    I do not know how the stock tunes are. I didn't bother since I got the 3 custom tunes. But I know there is ability to change alot of parameters. Spark advanced, WOT timing, so much more that you can get into some serious mechanical trouble if you dont know what you are doing, hence why I didn't you may have more knowledge than me in that department.
  6. Need Tuner Advice

    I had a little bit of a tune journey if you care to read. I have a 2015 5.3L Airaid Intake (full one not MIT), Gibson dual sport exhaust, 33"s I started out with an Edge CTS2 Evo, I loved having the screen to see temps as I tow my race car about 2-3 times a month. It does come with "canned" tunes. But most importantly for me, I wanted AFM turned off. Which this did. There level of tunes were (on every tune you can have AFM on or off and a couple other things) 1) Stock 2) Trans Only 3) Tow 4) Street 5) Performance 91+ I actually tested all 5 and oddly enough stock with STOCK with AFM turned off. All others performed very irregularly with shift points. Some made horrible jerking motions and just felt horrible to drive. So, I had that for about 1 year, no problems. Then started reading into how much a "real" tune does to these trucks so I looked into it further. I work thankfully at a company who deals with 5 STAR TUNING, so naturally i gravitated towards them for assistance. They advised to me to sell my Edge and purchase their SCT BDX tuner with their 3 custom tunes. I made my money back on the Edge and purchased their offer. I have an 89 Eco, 89 Performance/Tow and a 91 Performance ( which I am currently on) And I am not BSing you its a insane difference on the drive ability of the truck the shift points are in their perfect spots for normal driving, Im always in the right gear based on speed. Am I a Ferrari? Hell no, Is it a slow truck? Hell no! Perfect for what I am doing for my everyday needs. This is just my .02 I can't speak if a Diablo canned tune is good or not, or even Diablew. I just know my setup is perfect for me and I thank the guys at 5 Star Tuning for changing this truck.
  7. I started off with my truck getting an Edge CTS2 Evolution. This had the nice screen to show parameters etc but also had the canned tunes in them, and each one had the ability to turn off AFM. However I wanted a real tune, so I ended up getting a SCT BDX from 5 Star Tuning and got 3 custom tunes, all have AFM deleted. I got my buddy into a Diablo Sport AFM turn off, its like the Range disabler. He hasn't had any issues that I know of.
  8. Probably mentioned, but if you have the "all windows down" feature turned on with the keyfob, holding the unlock button to let the windows go down, if you let go as soon as they start to drop, the windows will stop at the point when they are going down, etc. I do it so my windows are just cracked to let fresh air in/let hot air out if I forget while in the truck when I park.
  9. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Been meaning to go up there, im in Corona. I dont think my 2WD will make it though haha
  10. I realllllly want to see a RST package single cab short bed lowered/bagged
  11. Do these work with an aftermarket intake? I have an Airaid full intake. Not the MIT.
  12. Is a catch can still needed if im off the AFM? I have had the truck since 19k miles, im at 54k now, Its had AFM turned off since then. Am I still needing a catch can? 2015 5.3l

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