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  1. I have the AFE YPipe on my truck. It has stock manifolds, but has a custom exhaust. The AFE pipe is nice because its a full 3 piping right off the manifolds, then goes to 3.5" for the beginning of the exhaust. Kinda not worth it if youre using stock exhaust (and truly even using with stock manifolds like i am ) but I haven't gotten around to doing headers.
  2. Looks like my rad has a leak. 81k miles. I thought I saw somewhere that there was a recall for the 2014s for the radiator. I called GM this morning explained my situation, and the phone call ended with them apparently making a case number and saying someone is going to reach out to me? This kinda sounds promising that they might warranty it? I dont have an extended warranty, but if its covered I would be beyond stoked. But if its not, anyone who has replaced theirs, what did you replace it with, OEM? How hard was the install?
  3. Grounding issue for sure. Something came loose.
  4. Sorry, I worded that wrong. Total WITH trailer is 9500 pounds. I was on a scale not long ago with my truck, my car and trailer and it read around 9500
  5. I looked it does say KNP, what is that? Sorry im ignorant to the RPO codes
  6. Gotcha thank you. I know I have 3.42 gears, I know thats completely off topic lol Is 9500 pounds really too much for these trucks?
  7. Mines a 6 speed. I have heard of people installing those deeper pans. I think morosso makes one? My grille doesn't have the shutters.
  8. Okay, thank you for the reassurance again. I think I am going to get the lower thermostat... seems cheap enough and easy to install. I am not seeing the NHT code. What does that indicate again?
  9. I was scared so I turned the ac off when I was pulling up the hills, but when i was back on flat ground AC was on, but temps were looking better like 210-212 on coolant and 167-170 trans. NOT towing, i actually noticed my coolant temps got to around 220 yesterday... not dead stop traffic, but just moving at like 20mph. AC wasn't on, it was about 87 degrees outside. I should NEVER be seeing anything above 210 normal grandpa driving no??? Whats odd to me is ill see 210 temps, then i look away and I will look back and they dropped down to like 186... then climb back up, then drop.
  10. So after doing the thermostat "flip pill" mod.. Towing last weekend to the race track. Was a 4 hour drive. In about 100 degree weather. Going up hill my highest recorded coolant temp was exactly 233.60 would not get higher than that. Highest trans temp was 223. Coming back home going up the grapevine 5 freeway. Highest coolant temp was 233.60 and trans temp was 243... How ****ed is my engine and trans?
  11. Thank you for the insight. Makes me feel better about the temps. I will do that thermostat mod for the trans.
  12. Hey all, just wanting some guidance on where I should look for a problem, or if I am in the clear and these are normal situations...\ Recently on my 2015 5.3L with 77k I am noticing coolant issues and trans temp not only in towing, but almost in normal driving... It has been hot in here in Socal lately. I was towing my car back from the track yesterday and my coolant hit 230... Trans temps got to 207. I think that is extremely high... for the given scenario. I am towing about 9500lbs, and it was 100* yesterday. Am I crazy to think that this should be happening? Is this normal? If not normal, where do I need to look to help with this. I have a track day at the end of the month and its a 4+ hour drive... I DO NOT want to take it if my truck is getting temps like this. Any thoughts? P.S. I have NOT done the thermostat mod for the trans. I am considering it...
  13. Never messed with the oem exhaust flaps. That all got removed when I did my Gibson dual sport cat back
  14. My setup honestly has no drone as long as you aren’t in 5th or 6th Gear just chugging along at a low rpm everyday normal driving for me I honestly have no drone in the cabin. these MWA mufflers have no packing in them so no noise gets caught In the muffler. The sound just flows out. I 100% do not regret getting the muffler and love how it sounds. You can check a sound clip here. This is before my side exit. But that’s all that changed was the location of the tips. It got a little louder but nothing crazy.
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