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  1. Yeah I figured it was the brake wear once you mentioned checking it. 63k miles so I may be getting close to a brake job. It was just at the min line but with the cold temps it was causing it to not flow easily. Again the simplest thing for them to do is have it advised low fluid and not sound alarms like ticking time bomb haha. Again thanks for the help.
  2. I filled the reservoir about halfway between min and max so not to overflow later hopefully. I haven't had any issues since then. Why they can't just put up a "Brake Fluid Low" warning I don't understand. Instead they make it seem like your computer is freaking out and your truck is about to blow up! lol Thank you @Eddie 70
  3. Thank you. I checked and my fluid was just below min in the reservoir. I filled it to halfway between max and min and will try it in the morning to see what happens. I will update tomorrow. It's crazy that it would only do it on the really cold mornings but when it warned up it wouldn't do it anymore. Had me really confused.
  4. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 and just this year when the cold weather started, in the mornings when I start driving I get traction control off, stabilitrak off, and brake fluid low messages. I don't lose power and nothing else happens. After the sequence the traction control turns back on. It does it when I start accelerating and sometimes just random while driving. Anyone having this problem?
  5. Ok so to let everyone know I figured it out on my own because I called multiple shops and no one could answer this. I had 50w 6ohm resistors on each bulb (4 total). I measured the resistance in the original bulbs and they were around 3ohms each. I bought some 3ohm resistors on Amazon and swapped them out. It works perfect now with the 3ohm resistors. Hope this helps someone else because no one else knew what to do.
  6. I installed new LED 7444 bulbs in my tail lights. I was getting hyperflash so I installed 6 ohm resistors on all 4 bulbs. It works now except when me tail lights come on at night the hyperflash comes back. If I turn the lights off and try again it works. How can I stop it from getting hyperflash when the tail lights are on? Everything else is stock on the truck as far as front end lighting goes.
  7. Do you have any leveling or anything done to it? @RiosFamChevy18
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