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  1. So, picked up from dealer, it starts right now. Somehow he got the price down to $160. The part they replaced was part# 23104897. So far so good. Posting this so others with same issue can possibly diagnose it themselves.
  2. So just dropped it off at dealer. They informed me that I am a couple weeks out of bumper to bumper warranty and starter/electrical system probably won't be covered on powertrain warranty Have a feeling this is going to be a complicated one to diagnose (bet they'll swap a starter and it will flake out again in a couple days), bet the bill is going to be ridiculous. UPDATE: dealer says 'short in fuse box', $450, my responsibility.
  3. Thank you hollywoodsle for digging that up, one more thing to not worry about.
  4. Yup. I did just get an appointment at the dealer. Will see if I get the typical "sorry, can't reproduce it" answer. I've been working on cars for a long time, this one is weird one.
  5. hollywoodsle is that what the TSB said? That isn't my issue for sure unfortunately, when I hot wire the starter it works perfect. Thanks for the post.
  6. I have googled this subject to death, finding the real TSB has not happened yet w/o having to pay. As you know some of these TSB are really useless, was hoping someone had the real one and could tell me if it is worth it. 16-NA-346
  7. I have a 2016 Chevy Express Van 4500 6.0 gas cutaway chassis under a Jayco motorhome with 4600 miles. I bought it a month ago and it has this bizarre starting problem. It is easier to show a video than describe it. I have already check the starter/solenoid and hot wired under the hood in the fuse box to the start relay and it is not those. I have swapped the relays also. This is an issue between the starter relay and the rest of the electrical system. If anyone can tell me what TSB 16-NA-346 is I would be greatly appreciative, can't find out anywhere what it is but I hear it is something to do with starting. The dealer has been dragging their feet for a MONTH and don't want to work on it because it is a motorhome. Usually it starts, it is intermittent, solenoid gets power intermittently, not at all, or instantly, no pattern. I have already replaced the battery. Sometimes it just delays then starts after a couple seconds. Sometimes it starts perfect. Here is the videos. Video 2 and 3 are the best ones. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjlbvzbqjw21tQl3UwEWSptkj3YOZFfCu David
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