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  1. On Saturday I did keep on calling the Chevrolet Owner Center, and on my 3rd transfer, I told the person whatever they do, please don't transfer me back to OnStar because they can't help, so she opened a ticket for me, and said I would get a call back within 48hrs. (Monday) I did get a call from Chevy with a person saying he is going to be my point person, and will get all of this figured out, so I guess I just need to give it time now. Wish me luck...
  2. UPDATE--- Picked up my truck from the dealer with no work done. I talked to the tech and he was not any help just kept on saying GM says you can't do that and I could call them and give them my case number and keep on bugging them to get them to tell him what to do to fix it. I guess it's my job to tell the dealer what part to fix and my job to keep on them for a fix. My service adviser said GM is having a lot of radio trouble right now, and its just a game of waiting it out. (I don't really under stand that on a 60k truck but what do I know, I guess its my fault for buying a chevy") On my repair ticket it says "Customer states while listening to radio it will drop hotspot" "TAC said truck is out of data on their plan and needs to be renewed" "Talked to customer on the phone no work done at this time" I would love if you guys can/will post up and tell me if this works on your truck so I can show them that i'm not crazy.
  3. Mine is disconnecting in the middle of a song on Pandora, I can't even get it to play a full song.
  4. I'm not sure, I have always done it with my hotspot. iPhone 11 pro max on T-Mobile, I did try both of my kids phones both are iPhones 11, but same issue.
  5. Well I just got a call saying I can't keep the loaner and I needed to pick up my truck because I rejected the fix of adding a data plan to my truck
  6. Guys I'm needing help, since I got my 2018 Silverado, I have been able to turn on the hotspot on my phone, and have my truck join, and use it as if I am paying for a OnStar/chevy internet plan. About a month ago it would only stay connected for about 2-4 minutes and then it would disconnect me. I'm still under my 3year warranty so I took it to my dealer who just called and told me, its not working because I don't have an internet plan with OnStar. So told them thats not what I'm talking about, and told them again what was going on. About 15mins later I get a call back from the tech working on my truck and he says "You can't do that and you have never been able to do that, because you could put a virus on your radio software) and if I wanted to I could call 1-800-222-1020 (Chevrolet Owner Center )and they could talk to me. Well I did and all they do is send me to connected services which is OnStar and I don't have an active plan with them so its a loop back and forth. Am I losing my mind? are you able to use your phone hotspot and connect it to your truck, so you can use your apps on your truck IE play music with the Mylink app of Pandora?
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