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  1. Is the tune for the CAI and performance exhaust just to prevent a code from being thrown or is it for something else?
  2. The tbc is available as a stand alone option
  3. No bucket seats and console in a LT
  4. I noticed this morning that the Chevy web site now hads the Build & Price up for the 2020 1500
  5. Anybody recommend a place for getting tunes in DFW area?
  6. Jacob, thank you for the suggestions. I will check them out.
  7. I'm near Palestine but I don't mind going to DFW, Houston, SA, Austin or pretty much anywhere for a shop that really knows what they're doing. I used to wrench for a living in the late 70's and early 80's and I know someone has to know what they're doing when changing out gears.
  8. I've been considering regearing my truck that has 3:08 gears. Can someone recommend a shop in Texas that does this? I've tried to find a shop that specializes in doing this but have been unsuccessful.
  9. Headwaters seat covers. The owner used to work for marathon and then formed his own company. He seems to offer more options.
  10. Does anyone recommend a shop in Texas that specializes in swapping out front and rear differential gears? I have 3:08 gears and would like to change to 3:55. If I understand correctly, there also has to be some reprogramming done. Would prefer if the shop can change gears and do all the reprogramming.
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