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  1. Currently looking at 3.5-4.5 lift kits thinking about running a rough country 3.5 lift with the lift struts anyone ran them? How’s the ride quality?? And what other lift brands y’all recommend that include a lift strut not a strut spacer
  2. Im currently thinking on which lift i wanna get im definitely going with a bds 4 inch lift kit On my 2018 1500 . But whats the difference in ride quality between the normal one Which includes a whole new strut between the more expensive one which has fox coilovers and shocks?? and have any of yall ran either one and how did it feel?? Also can i fit 22x12s in a 4 inch ???
  3. How far could i push the ucas?? Like if i do a 3inch MotoFab kit do i need to??
  4. Hi guys I recently put a leveling kit on my truck and was wondering if it would stress the ucas?? Ive heard alot about them being stressed i drive a 2018 and it has a 2 inch leveling kit so what kind of ucas would best work for me ?? If i do need to replace
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