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  1. That white knob would not budge for me and I didn’t want to strip it and I searched and there was no info out there and winter came and finally someone responded to this thread,thanks again. I have a 2.5 level and sitting on 33’s so when I drive up behind someone I light up the whole inside of there car so need to adjust them down as I did already with the headlights,I’ll be picking up that 8mm hex head first thing tomorrow. Thank you
  2. What year is your truck? I haven’t been able to look at mine in a while as I live in the northeast and there is always snow on the ground.im going to look tomorrow though are you lights th same as these?thanks
  3. They always got in my vehicles somehow till I started putting bars of Irish Spring soap in random places like in the glove compartment and around the engine bay,haven’t had a problem since.
  4. I raised the truck and adjusted the headlights but is there an adjustment for fog lights ?
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