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  1. Hi. I recently purchased a 2008 silverado 1500 5.3l and I'm trying to solve a very bizarre issue. So when I dont plug the truck in, it starts great no matter what the temperature is. Even down to -35 it still starts fine. The issue is when I plug in the block heater. If I plug it in overnight and try to start it, it chugs and misfires like a diesel on a cold start. It'll even sputter and die sometimes. Doesnt throw any error codes. I've never seen any vehicle have issues starting by plugging in the block heater. I had a 2009 4.8 that would think the engine was overheating if you plugged it in. It would turn the ac off and turn the electric fans on. I feel like it has something to do with a wacky temp sensor or something. Anyone experience something like this before?
  2. Hey guys. I've been chasing a p1174 code (fuel trim cylinder balance bank 1) in my 2008 vortec max 6.0l for awhile now. It's a non-flex fuel with afm. It's not throwing any other codes besides that one. Has a slightly rough idle but starts and drives great. Looking at the live data, all of my o2 sensors appear to be normal. I noticed my long term fuel trims on both banks sit around 0-5% at idle but jump to between 14-25% while driving so something is definitely telling the PCM to add fuel. I checked my fuel pressure and with key on engine off I get right around 60psi. Strange thing is it only has around 44psi at idle and while driving. Even stranger was when i unplugged the MAF sensor, my fuel pressure at idle went up to 58psi and stayed there. When I shut the truck off the pressure climbs to over 70psi and holds for some time. Also unplugging the MAF sensor also caused the "service stabilitrac" message to come on which made me scratch my head a little. Checked the intake for vacuum leaks and found nothing. Has anyone dealt with this code before? Really hard to know where to start with such a vague code and I dont understand why unplugging the MAF sensor would cause the fuel pressure to rise 14psi. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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