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  1. So not sure if this is right place was wondering if anyone has replaced their stock speakers and added amp and subs using JL fix 86 on truck with bose. I did mine and even though the fix always says it's calibrated it seems to lack mid bass
  2. Any one know how these trucks ride using the reverse hangers not sure if I want to cut mine off
  3. Plus I didn’t c notch so at 7 inches would be bottoming out a lot until can get air bags that will by a while
  4. Ya I like the rear to have slight rake or level just don’t like when front is higher and these trucks can look high in front when level
  5. I definitely think helped bags would help a ton just having over half tank of gas effects mine. I guess I was always lucky in past never had a issue with lowered trucks until this one hopefully I don’t just have a shitty kit If I had a way to raise the rear 3/4 to a inch it would help
  6. What is the wheel centric guides and the gm recall shims you asked about
  7. Anyone running the ihc drop kits from Inez hot rods if so do you have any issues with kit
  8. Can’t find anyplace that shaft is rubbing plus that would make noise all the time not just coasting after truck is warmed up I have plenty of room at yoke in transmission the one thing I haven’t checked yet is the tranny shaft Inside of the yoke I know the vibration thing can be some trial and error I’ve been working on that now
  9. So does yours mostly do it on highway when coasting? Mine I can make do it by speeding up a little and letting off the gas doesn’t last very long it also may be better when colder outside and also seems worse with full tank of gas so more weight must effect it. It does do better with transmission shimmed up. I’m going to take all shims out and see if it helps my vibrations. Thanks for letting me know that so far your the first I’ve heard of it
  10. So the reason I went to five is I was only getting 3 inches or less drop with the 4 inch so when I set it to the 5 inch was more like four inches if that makes sense I have inch to inch and half play in drive shaft but that’s the yoke going into transmission but what I’m not sure on is how much room I have inside the yoke where the shaft from transmission goes inside how much are you lowered
  11. Yes it’s for 4wd they say if not going more than 4 inches in front it won’t be a problem with anything I have my doubts at least as far as premature wear on stuff right 4wd seems just fine but it’s still early I originally planned on having to do. 3/5 until I found the Inez kit I’m not crazy about the angle of my cv axles. I also noticed another company doing a 4/6 on 4wd and they showed a video of cv axle still being straight
  12. There isn’t a tone of info on Inez kits but the stuff I did find was all good they told me they haven’t had any issues like mine on this generation of truck and suggested raising transmission. I have used chassis ears on it and sounds like noise is in tailshaft just not sure if it’s more due to pinion angle or transmission angle or driveshaft length or maybe all three this is my yoke with truck on the ground
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