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  1. Thats a good idea im gonna get them color matched to the truck. I looked up some pictures and that looks good so thank you!!
  2. I have a 2015 GMC Sierra and i do not like the look of the factory plastic fender guards and if you remove them it just reveals holes where the fender guard mounts up. Does anyone know if a set of fenders from a 2015 Silverado can be put on to a Sierra. And also the rear quarter panel?
  3. I currently have the little 4” screen in my truck and was wondering if anyone has tried to go get an 8” screen and HMI out of a and junkyard truck and plug it up. Would that work? I dont feel like paying $1500 for something to still be stock
  4. Just saying what fixed my situation. The lifter had gotten messed up from switching between 4cyl and 8cyl so that was what needed replaced
  5. I recently bought a ‘15 sierra and it threw an engine code. I took it to autozone to get the code read and it came back as a misfire on the 7th cylinder. I took it back to the dealership and they replaced the lifters on that cylinder. It has something to do with the new “Active Fuel Management” mode they have that drops the engine into 4 cylinder mode while you are cruising. After i got it fixed i bought an AFM Disabler that plugs into the OBD2 port and keeps the engine from going into 4 cylinder mode, so i reccomend you go to autozone and get the code read for free and if it says cylinder 7 misfire you will have to replace the lifters. Hope this helped
  6. I removed the rubber/carpet mat that is on the rear wall of my ‘15 Sierra and seen 4 plugs hanging to the left of the wall that were not connected to anything nor was there anything near that they could be connected to. I thought it mightve been the bose plugs but i dont have a bose edition. Please help
  7. Yes it is the front left dash and door speaker
  8. The door chimes are loud and will be louder when an amp is installed
  9. Do you know how to get rid of or at least how to quiet down the chimes bc they are loudd stock and with my 4 channel on my highs I can only imagine how earpiercingly painful it'd be
  10. How do I find the Atak for my double cab. Everything is extended cab and crew cab that I see on their website
  11. I like a loud cold start just not straight pipe cold start lol. Thanks for your input man and if I can remember to I will post some pictures when I do purchase and install it
  12. I plan on doing the borla atak I have heard clips of it and it sounds very nice. thank you for the recommendation
  13. So I am soon to do a big install in my 15 Sierra double cab and I plan to mount my two amps, Lc7i, and the power and ground distribution to the back wall. I don't want to zip screws through the wall and I'm in need of a method to attach either a 1/2" piece of MDF or a piece of 1/2" PVC foam board. Which should I use and how to mount it to the rear wall? Thank you
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