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  1. OnTheReel, thanks for the education on how the Elevation package was rolled out on the K2s. I am with you on not waiting for this to come out in a crew cab. Besides the fact that I am not a fan of chrome the SLE is unable to get two other things the Elevation can, the first I can overlook as I can always go aftermarket and that is the Bose sound system. The other is that you can’t get the SLE with front bucket seats, that is almost a deal breaker for me as I do not like the split bench at all. It might be time to take a closer look at the cousin Chevy RST for me.
  2. Thanks everyone for their input. It is odd that Canada has this model and we haven’t seen any in the US yet. I am wondering if we will see them at all now.
  3. So I had an extended test drive a couple weekends ago in a 2019 Sierra Elevation edition and loved it. The only problem is the double cab was just too small for what I need. I turned it back in and told my salesman I would be interested when they come out with the crew cab. He assured me that they will be coming out with them and would let me know as soon as they can order them. I guess I am kind of suspect at this point because wouldn’t GMC release the crew cab before the double cab? I am aware that GM authority has a spy shot of a crew cab elevation, I was just wondering if anyone on the forum had a better idea of a timeline for the release of a crew cab elevation. Thank you
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