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  1. A that sucks! Mine was rusty, but some wd40 and a wire wheel cleaned it up, then some good lube. I did both my doors, inner and Outter handles 2ith new locks, works great now. Only got to do door pins. Those stupid rods suck haha
  2. I just measured the width and length and the drum, gave it to the parts guy and got the right ones right off the hop. I just did my rear drums on my 97 2500
  3. It all depends on how much you will be towing/hauling. If it's once in a while then I would just get all new stock brakes. If you tow haul a lot then you could swap to bigger calipers. I would personally either get new rear leafs or return to stock and add airbags. (I got bags and love them} For brakes, if you got drums on the rear, it's always an option to swap them to disk. I've seen kits for $200-$400. Like you said, you can always swap in 2500/3500 brakes.
  4. I bet the rod popes off, I just had my door completely apart and had to bend the rods for the door handle and locks, mine is still sticking but that's Becuase of my lock actuator. I'd pop the panel off, roll the window down and take the door pan off and look around. To get the window regulator off, I had to roll it down, spray the track with lube and slide the door pan to the front of the door and then the back. Then lift the window up all the way and secure it. I used a block of wood. Then you'll have a good view of it all. Only should take 20 mins to get it all apart to find your issue
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