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  1. Over the past 25 years I've had maybe 10 GM C10's K5's etc, almost too many to count, have 5 at the moment, a couple just for parts. So I'm in Northern California and got caught this winter in an extra heavy snow year and didn't have a proper 4x4 ready, kinda bummed, time to put one together from a couple trucks I have here, the main truck ,a smog exempt 1974 C20 camper special, currently registered in my name. DMV fees here can kill a project fast ,so that part is important. A1977 K20 400/ thm350/205 for the drivetrain and maybe suspension. So I've been planning this for several years, trying to figure which way to go exactly and think I know which way I want to go. I think. I Dunno, been collecting parts forever, drooling over ORD and DIY4x stuff too. Going to be more of a daily driver type truck,and want to spend my money in the right places, keeping overall weight in mind as well. I've been a mechanic for over 30 years and I have above average fabrication abilities, a MIG, TIG , Arc and gas welders, as well as a plasma cutter in an adequate shop with a lift. I'm mostly set to go on this thing. Most forums say just swap the frame, knowing there are VIN numbers on the frame, not the way I want to go, So as soon as I get the shop cleaned up I'm going to get on this, this is my plan so far: Pull the motor and trans, install ORD's engine mount kit, and my question here is has anyone used the competition mounts and do they make everything vibrate? Next step would be DIY4X B-52 spring/body mount, and either ORD's front upper shakle mount or DIY4X's which is less expensive, anyone know how the two compare? With 6 inch shakles. Now I already have a ORD crossover / high steer steering set for the D44 and I have the proper knuckle. LOve the idea of ORD custom springs but dont know about $$, and was going to use the springs from an old suburban I have but they measure at 56 inches? Wanted (I think) to run 52's? Almost ready to order some parts here wanted to know if anyone who has done this has any input on my choices, I'd appreciate it. My very knowledgable coworker says buy a super duty, yeah , that's not going to happen. This thing HAS to be right, drive right , and wheel all proper, don't want to do stuff twice! Thanks!

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