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  1. Or find a friend that has HP Tuners already and buy the credits for him to program your truck.
  2. Just get the HP tuner and do it yourself depending on the year its like 300 and you get to tune it for increased performance.
  3. Well today I decided to finish my install of the OEM pipe, I do not have a lift so I decided to use the back and used Russell stainless steep crimps to crimp the hose to the front pipe. A lot less work. So my conversion is 100% done now. I'm enjoying the enhanced performance and drivability!
  4. I've been playing with tuning the ECM and Trans with the E85 running about 72% Alcohol. Learning tons on tuning Gen V DI on E85. The truck is very fun to drive. I have a regular cab so it is the lighter of the Silverado's only the 2wd would be slightly lighter. It is actually fun to drive now and feels so much more responsive now. Its been cold her near Chicago so I'm currently tuning it for better cold starts. I bought the line and looked at what it was going to take to install it and decided against it, I think I'm going to splice the lines at the nylon bend. It will still
  5. I'm currently testing it now, it runs about 17 degrees cooler than stock in the 180 to 190 range so far, I'm trying to get the ECT to be no higher than 194 in normal summer driving.
  6. Well I have since added a recalibrated thermostat 180-190 that gives me a good temp drop but not too low so cold weather driving and the Air Raid modular intake pipe. I started changing parameters specifically for E85 in the ECM. The Truck responds so much better!
  7. The old style stats had a different gasket and it would tear and stick open. I had a Summit 180 in it and this is what it looked like after about 10000 milers:
  8. Sitting at 70.6% Ethanol, feels even better. That was Thornton's. Next fill-up I will try another station see if they have higher % Feels great to drive now.
  9. I had to dial the Shift Firmness down to Tow as it was too harsh at WOT. The truck is fun to drive, breaks the rear tires loose easy now, super fun to drive. I have to up the Alcohol % to 70 or higher at the next fill up.
  10. Well I am at 60% Alcohol now so I tuned It with my Hypertech Max Energy 2.0 using the following params: Premium Fuel tuning Throttle Response - Track Shift Response - Track Shift Firmness - Street I tried a couple firmness settings, and the heavy acceleration shifts were way to harsh for me so I have been dialing it back, The more aggressive shift firmness had great part throttle shifts but very clunky high rpm shifts. I pulled HPtuner dumps after each one so I can figure out a good medium.
  11. I thought I would post this this is the factory rating of the L83 5.3 on E10 and E85: Horsepower (hp / kW @ rpm): 355 / 250 @ 5600 (gas – SAE certified) 380 / 283 @ 5600 (E85 – SAE certified) Torque (lb-ft / Nm @ rpm): 383 / 519 @ 4100 (gas – SAE certified) 416 / 564 @ 4100 (E85 – SAE certified) Read more: http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/gm-engines/l83/#ixzz5k8VxHIzf
  12. Have you tried a QR code reader on your smartphone just to see what it says yet? Dump the text, edit the FH0 to FHS then recompile the QR code https://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/ Take a screen shot of the new QR code and a picture of existing label, photoshop the new QR code on the existing label, send to the printer to have the label printed.
  13. http://www.ecsvin.com/order.php Here is a company that makes reproduction labels, I just photoshopped it to change FH0 to FHS. Label is kind of expensive.
  14. I tried to see what is involved in the changing the fuel line, and those retaining clips are a pain...so I am going to just replace all of them, it's only like 20 bucks for new clips and I don't want to waste time babying them. I also bought extremely long needle nose pliers from Harbor Freight for $10 to open up the metal retaining clip on top of the trans, I want to attempt to do it without having to unbolt the cross member and dropping the motor/trans.
  15. I'm trying to figure out how to make a new RPO code sticker for my glove box.
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