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  1. So just took my 16 with an 8 speed in for oil change. Mentioned the rough shifting. They checked it out and yes, it’s an issue. GM calls for flushing the tranny and putting a better fluid in it. Guy in in front of me with a 14 had a wrecked torque converter and metal in his tranny. Have to get get all the 45k stuff too. Front and rear diff fluid, brake fluid, etc. 2019 loaner. Pretty nice. Feels like a car compared to my 16 with All Terrain package.
  2. So is this shudder problem covered by warranty? I bought a used 2016 5.3 with the 8 speed months ago. I’m coming up on an oil change and was going to have them change the tranny fluid as well when I found this thread. I have a lot of these issues, mostly at low speed. Bought a full bumper to bumper warranty for it so just curious. 49k on the odo.
  3. 2016 Sierra 1500 with the All Terrain package. There are 265/65r18s on it now. Bone stock. Can I fit 265/70r18 ko2’s on it without any issues?
  4. I looked in to the 5100s a bit. I see that you can jack the front up but it pre-compresses the shock so you lose travel and gain harshness in the process. And they say the rear shocks are non-adjustable but raise the back up to an 1”. So to compensate for that and then add more to the front to level it a bit I’m not sure I’d want to do that. Can I put leveling blocks in the front combined with the 5100s?
  5. Hey guys. Picked up a used 2016 Sierra 1500 crew cab with Z71 suspension. Want to get some stuff for it and not sure where to start. Forst i I need some side steps. What do y’all recommend? Then I want to put on a leveling kit/mild lift to for 33s. The stock Rancho shocks are pretty rough. Was thinking about this kit but then it just jacks the rear up even more so thoughts? https://www.americantrucks.com/excel-suspension-025-front-1-rear-suspension-system-w-bilstein-shocks-0718-gmc.html Pic of truck.
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