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  1. All Tim at GAP Racing and myself did was replace our mufflers, didn't touch anything else. I'm not even sure what screens you are talking about?
  2. I listed the part number earlier in the post. Just cut out the old muffler and both flappers before installing the 3" Flow Master and a short pipe. whole thing cost me under $200 total for 11RWHP......money well spent.
  3. Both runs were on other peoples truck. One is my buddies truck that dynoed the muffler. He has installed the GM air cleaner and is going to do a dyne pull before and after the factory tune you get with the air cleaner purchase. The he is going to install a cat back system and see what that does. HE owns GAP Racing so this is info that can drive work for his shop.
  4. Flowmaster Super 40 P# 389-853046 3" offset in, center out.
  5. BTW the GM performance air cleaner & program made 15 rear wheel HP on a local dyno with no other mods. FlowMaster muffler swap (plus removal of both flappers) made 11 RWHP/17FT/#. Next up air cleaner and muffler. Both above dyno runs were with 2019 6.2's.
  6. Has anyone just cut out the two 6.2 exhaust flapper vales and left everything else stock? I have two fast and loud cars I don’t need a semi fast and loud truck. I would love to pick up power just not noise….. Just not sure if eliminating the valve would pick up HP?
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