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  1. Will do. New on here so still learning my ways around the forum. Thank You.
  2. I would keep the wood trim if I had cream leather or even brown. But everything is black and gray in the truck so this just made sense.
  3. I basically tried to match the carbon to the carbon that is already inside of our headlights.
  4. I wouldn’t say everything completely wrong, few things here and there. The color matched bumpers is really the only reason I went with the RST.
  5. Yes weekend project. I took the wood covers off the doors they pop right off. Carbon fiber vinyl on amazon. I tried matching it to the carbon look what is inside of the headlights. Then got cute with it and did couple other things with it. Not sure if I will keep it on the truck or not.
  6. 3M carbon fiber vinyl wrap. Couple hours of work.
  7. Got the new 2019 Silverado RST and was not a fan of the wood trim, I believe there is no options on that, they all come with it. So wrapped them and it looks little better.
  8. MSRP $51,890 got it for $41,900 + tax and tags

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