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  1. Will do. New on here so still learning my ways around the forum. Thank You.
  2. I would keep the wood trim if I had cream leather or even brown. But everything is black and gray in the truck so this just made sense.
  3. I basically tried to match the carbon to the carbon that is already inside of our headlights.
  4. I wouldn’t say everything completely wrong, few things here and there. The color matched bumpers is really the only reason I went with the RST.
  5. Yes weekend project. I took the wood covers off the doors they pop right off. Carbon fiber vinyl on amazon. I tried matching it to the carbon look what is inside of the headlights. Then got cute with it and did couple other things with it. Not sure if I will keep it on the truck or not.
  6. 3M carbon fiber vinyl wrap. Couple hours of work.
  7. Thank You. Easy fix.
  8. Got the new 2019 Silverado RST and was not a fan of the wood trim, I believe there is no options on that, they all come with it. So wrapped them and it looks little better.
  9. MSRP $51,890 got it for $41,900 + tax and tags

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