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  1. One question I have is how is it almost impossible like Titan claims when Transfer Flow currently makes a 46 gallon replacement tank for the Toyota Tundra. I emailed transfer flow flow too but never got a response.
  2. I just received the same email. I guess the only option now is to hope Chevy offers a larger gas fuel tank option on future models that can be retrofitted to the 2019.
  3. When I emailed Titan I asked about my 2019 LTZ Z71 with the 6.2. The response I received was they were working on a few things. I emailed them again today just to confirm they were talking about a gas engine option but since I mentioned the 6.2 and I don't believe the 3.0 Duramax is out yet I feel pretty sure they were. What other companies make larger aftermarket gas fuel tanks? Chevy is getting a lot of flack over the smaller fuel tank so hopefully they release an option for a larger tank with future models, that can be retrofitted into the 2019's. If you've looked under where the fuel tank is there's a ton of room so I would expect they planned ahead.
  4. I emailed Titan Fuel Tanks the other day asking if they planned on releasing a larger tank for the new 2019 1500. Their reply was "We have a few things in the works, stay tuned." Anyone who's interested should contact them, show the interest in a larger tank. It's all about there being a market.

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