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  1. I was going to get the sport for the same reason, thinking the ATAK would be too obnoxious, but that sounds perfect. I'm guessing there's no drone inside the cabin?
  2. What shocks did you go with? I assume the shocks were just stock length since the lift appears to use spacers and blocks with new UCA"s? Thanks
  3. Thanks. I checked their site and they don't have that kit out yet for the 2019+. I've read a lot on the Fabtech and Dirt Logic lifts. Anyone running that with info?
  4. That looks like exactly what I want. Is there a kit number for the coilovers or part numbers for the blocks and leaf you used? Did you do it yourself or have a shop do it? Thanks
  5. No replacement for displacement. Went with the 6.2 and loving it. Test drove a 5.3 and was nice but after I drove the 6.2 I was hooked. After working the deal the difference in price between the 5.3 and 6.2 was minimal.
  6. I thought I was settled on a lift but rethinking it now. I'm looking for 3-4" lift that rides best on the road, can handle a loaded down bed and works for light off road use. I hit some forest trails and use it on the beach when on vacation. The truck spends most time as a daily driver with weekend trail duty or loaded down for summer trips to the beach. What are the best options for ride quality? I was thinking the Icon coilovers stage two but would still need blocks or something for the rear to get any lift out of the rear. From what I understand the coilovers take care of the lift up front. Are there other better options and if not what do I need to add to the Icon kit to get the lift in the rear to match what I lift in the front? I'd really like to hear from anyone who did a lift and can comment about the ride quality. Currently I have the LTZ Z71 with the Rancho shocks and the ride is horrible in all driving conditions. Thanks
  7. So what is the largest tire that GM offers on these trucks? My current factory tires are 275/60 R20, does GM offer anything larger they will reprogram the spedo for? Thanks
  8. Thanks for the information. When I talked about 2" lift I was referring to the GM factory lift.
  9. I'll be going with a 2" lift on my 2019 Silverado LTZ Z71 with the 6.2 and plan on changing out the wheels and tires soon after. The truck currently has 275/60-R20 from the factory, a 33" tire, and I would like to go with a 35x12.5 R20 tire. Has anyone done this and how is the fit? Also does anyone know the factory offset and backspacing on the factory wheels and what backspacing I would need to go with to push them out for the new 12.5 wide tires? The current tire width should be about 10.8". I assume the current gearing with the 6.2 and 10 speed would accommodate this change and I would just need something to correct the speedometer. As far as the speedometer is that something the dealer can do or will I need an aftermarket product for that? Another question I have is I see a ton of posts on here about people putting on the 2" lift to go up to a 33" tire. Unless I'm mistaken the factory tires I have are already 33" so by raising the body 2" with the lift I should be able to add 2" to the total diameter of the tires. Am I tracking this correctly or am I missing something? If I'm mistaken what would be the largest tire I could go with without needing to cut or trim anything, assuming the wheels have the proper backspacing. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the information. Since I'm planning on going 2.5" I'll play it safe and go with the stage 2 kit with the tubular UCA's.
  11. I recently discovered during a long trip that the suspension on the Z71 leaves a lot to be desired so I plan on upgrading. I've decided on the Icon coil overs but can't decide between the stage 1 or stage 2 setup. I have a 2019 LTZ Z71 with the 6.2 and the truck is mostly a daily driver with occasional long road trips and spends some time on very light trails or on the beach in sand. I plan on going with either a 2" or 2.5" height on the shocks. Are the UCA's needed if it's mostly a daily driver at that height? Also once the lift is installed will a dealership adjust the camera and safety equipment to work with the new ride height? As far as the stage 2 setup goes is there a huge difference in the UCA's between the tubular or billet ones? Again considering it's mostly an on road vehicle. Coming from a Jeep Wrangler I'm not familiar at all with upgrading a pickup truck suspension. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with one of these two setups. Thanks
  12. I have a 2019 Silverado LTZ crew cab with the Z71 package and the 6.2l engine. I recently took a trip from Phoenix to SPI Texas and noticed that the suspension was horrible and I wasn't sure if this was common for the Rancho shocks or if I should take the truck in to be looked at. Basically every time I went over a dip the truck would dip down then up and down 4-5 times before riding smooth again. It reminded me of my old '68 Chevy 2 when the shocks went bad. The truck was loaded down for the trip but nothing excessive and I noticed this some prior to the trip, but not as bad. I also noticed before the trip the truck seemed to bottom out on some simple speed bumps when I was going only 5-7 MPH and bottomed out on a dip on a side road when I was going about 10-15 MPH. Neither of these times was the truck loaded with anything. The up and down is so bad I could see losing control on a very curvy road or if I had been pulling a trailer. I plan to get the 2" GM lift for the truck but if this is how the Rancho shocks are I'll have to look into something else. I was planning on the GM lift due to them correcting the camera and driver safety features after the lift so everything continues to work correctly. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. One question I have is how is it almost impossible like Titan claims when Transfer Flow currently makes a 46 gallon replacement tank for the Toyota Tundra. I emailed transfer flow flow too but never got a response.
  14. I just received the same email. I guess the only option now is to hope Chevy offers a larger gas fuel tank option on future models that can be retrofitted to the 2019.
  15. When I emailed Titan I asked about my 2019 LTZ Z71 with the 6.2. The response I received was they were working on a few things. I emailed them again today just to confirm they were talking about a gas engine option but since I mentioned the 6.2 and I don't believe the 3.0 Duramax is out yet I feel pretty sure they were. What other companies make larger aftermarket gas fuel tanks? Chevy is getting a lot of flack over the smaller fuel tank so hopefully they release an option for a larger tank with future models, that can be retrofitted into the 2019's. If you've looked under where the fuel tank is there's a ton of room so I would expect they planned ahead.
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