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  1. So I’m having a really hard time choosing a lift. I currently have a stage 4 Cognito leveling kit. I fit 35 in tires with a 22x9.5 rim. No rub. Kit consists of upper control arms, pitman idler and keys. I have ave new set of rims that are 22x12 so I need to go up. I do tow a 5th wheel camper so I’ve been hesitant on a lift kit. I did do a reverse axle flip on camper so it’s like a 3 inch lift to it. So im in between a BDS 6 1/2” lift. I know it’s better than the the Rough country 7.5” persay. The reviews I see are all good. No complaints really that I see with the newer GMC and chevys. Anyone have any experience with either? I do have rear airbag system now and will keep it. I’m looking for a good kit and not break the bank get a decent lift with some stock ride back. I’m getting beat up with the leveling kit so want to turn keys back to stock and do it right. Picture is where it sits now. Oh I also want to maybe be able to put 37”s on it. Reason I was thinking of the 7.5 lift though is see some of you out there have 6 inch lifts with the 37”s.
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