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  1. I purchased the HPTuners program. It allows you to make a lot of modifications to the PCM. There is also EFILive and Tunercats or whatever they are now. They all have advantages and disadvantages over their competitors, it all depends on what you are looking for and what will suit you the best.
  2. You will have to change tailshafts because the 4x2 is longer, that also means you will need the longer output shaft which requires you to disassemble the tranny. You can swap in the older transmission, but you will need the driveshaft and have to adapt the wiring harness, which is pretty simple. Here is your problem though unless you have a transfer case without a front slip yoke (most newer ones have a slip yoke) you will need a driveshaft to seal the hole. You can find a SYE kit for a lot of transfer cases, but by the time you get involved you are spending a lot of time and some money. Then add in that you will need to make sure the crossmember matches up, as well as the exhaust doesn't get in the way. You might as well just have the transmission rebuilt or depending on other factors rebuild it yourself. You wouldn't be the first person to do it at home without any experience.
  3. The pcm can be programmed to show the extra volume as well as can be programmed for the proper readings from the sending unit for various fuel levels. I am currently running the same PCM and similar program on my 99 suburban with a 42 gallon tank and the gauge is accurate. I don't have the predicted fuel range option.
  4. I was only referring to the possibility that one or both PCM's may be able to support DBC. Another possibility is that the rear axle ratio's are different, or there is a problem in the transmission. My 02 had a bad VSS and was bouncing the speedometer around, not enough to show on the dash, but on the scanner it was all over the place. The torque converter would never lock up and my gas mileage sucked.
  5. Check the swaybar bushings too.
  6. My truck does the exact same thing when the coolant is just low. Top off the coolant and works like normal again.
  7. On my silverado I did the key dance for a month or so, but then the pump just died on the freeway. Better to just replace it when you get to choose the when and where...
  8. Between 2003 and 2006 they should be running comparable PCMs. The only real difference would be if one or the other can only support drive by wire. Other than that it should just be tuning differences.
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