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  1. Yea it's not like it got real wet just some rain for a few minutes. I know they shampooed the whole interior when I bought the truck a couple months ago and that didnt do any damage. I'm hoping it was just a 1 time thing but fuses dont just blow for no reason.
  2. So a couple weeks ago my drivers seat got wet in the rain for a few minutes then when I started the truck the service airbag light was on. Today I made it to a collision shop that we do work for and they scanned it but could not connect with the airbag. They said check the fuse so I did when I got home and the battery airbag fuse was blown, 15amp. I changed it and the lights off. Great no light but any ideas as to why it might blow? Could it be from the wet seat/drivers side interior?
  3. Alright I'll look into that. I have always used a 40 series flowmaster and never a full exhaust so this is a bit different to me. After driving to work and back today I am a lot happier with the borla muffler than the flowfx. The flowfx sounded like a mini van that lost a muffler.
  4. New here and new to Chevy. I was always a ford guy but after 100k and 11 ball joints I decided to buy a Chevy. I have a 2011 silverado z71 with 40k miles. I have the super chips flashcal with the afm shut off and my main problem..exhaust. I cut the stock muffler out and put in a flowfx with a 3.5 inch tip. The drone was awful. I always ran flowmaster mufflers. The next day I ordered a borla 19 inch pro xs muffler and put it on today. It's a lot quieter which is great, I'm 30 not 20, but there's still drone between 1800 and 2000 rpm. As a kid I was into modding cars but not so much anymore so this is where I ask for help. I have never had an issue putting a muffler on and getting a good sound but this drone is annoying. So before I spend more money, that I dont have, or start welding stuff to my exhaust I'd like some help lol. I have been searching the internet all week for an answer.
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