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  1. God damn, thats interesting. I am doing the same thing right now before the tires. On flat land, cruise control set to 64mph (55mph zone), I have a best 50 mile average of 27.5mpg.... okay okay... my WIFE has a best 50 mile average of 27.5 on my truck. But I have achieved a 26mpg 50 mile average. My normal average with daily driving in cities and hwy is typically around 21-22mpg though. I really hope changing tires doesn't bring me down to 15mpg lmao. I will throw those bad boys back on.
  2. Thanks man. I won't admit to what I was doing, but your comment helped a lot. I have a habit of breaking things when I DIY, and I didn't want this to be a stupid costly mistake. Thanks!
  3. I hate sounding like a complete car moron, but I have yanked on this thing pretty hard and its not budging. I would rather not break my tail light. I am swapping my LED tail lights for black Recon LED tail lights. and this is the tail light connector. Does anyone know how to take it off?
  4. The files are IN THE COMPUTER? But seriously, I didn't know that. It looks like the only choose then is to do the front and perhaps the windshield.
  5. Does anyone know what kind of tint they use at the factory for tinting the rear windows, and passenger seat windows and sunroof? I am about to tint my truck, and am going to go with Suntek CIR due to their well reviewed solar energy rejection. The question is, is it worth removing the tint that Chevy put on from the factory in the rear windows and redoing it with Suntek CIR? If the factory tint is purly for looks and doesn't so anything to reject solar energy then it would probably be best. Or if the factory tint fairly decent at rejecting solar energy, I would just do the front windows to 20% to match it in transparency and call it good.
  6. do you have another picture to that? The second picture is broken and I am very curious to see what it looks like
  7. What do you think your MPG's went from and to? I care about my MPG's! I know it will be affected, but I am hoping its more of like 1-2mpg than like 5-6.
  8. I am aware, but what specifically are you referencing? Maybe I have overlooked soemthing
  9. What I have: 2018 Silverado LTZ Z71, Midnight edition, 5.3L I am looking to go down to 17" wheels and 33" tires. I heard I need a 2" lift to do this so will be getting Fox 2.0 coilovers and rears. 1) Everytime I select the 17x8.5" wheel from the brand I want, 6x139.7, 0mm offset, the websites typically say "this wheel is not compatible with your truck, can not guarantee fitment", Is this just because its a size lower then OEM? or will these not work? 2) I want 285/70/17 tires, but does the 285 fit on 8.5" wheels? or does it have to go on 9" Wheels for these tires to fit? Maybe I am misunderstanding that first number. Any help would be so greatly appreciated, I've been researching for days now and I keep going in a loop of the same information which makes me confident, then the next source unsure.
  10. I am sorry, I am extremely novice in all this, and honestly don't fully understand the different options of lifting a truck. I am looking for a 2.5" lift in the front in order to fit 33" tires which is the end state goal here. Stock height isn't an option. Lets forget about the stand alone spacers option temporarily. Will just fox shock absorbers in the front raise the truck 2.5"? Or do you NEED coilovers in addition to absorbers to raise the front?
  11. So I just want a 2.5" lift/level for my truck. I was considering the rough country 2.5" leveling (2.5" front, 1" rear). What would be the cheapest suspension lift to achieve a 2.5" lift/level that I can compare it to? Install costs where would these two stack up against eachother?
  12. When you say stiffer, do you mean you can feel every bump more? Since I do 95% daily driving, I would like it to be luxurious, and when I hear bouncing/floating that sounds a bit more luxurious. If the Fox PS 2.0 was $900 for parts, what did it cost to have it installed?
  13. So coming from stock, would switching to Fox 2.0 shock absorbers raise the height of my truck? Or do I need things in addition to the shocks to raise the height of my truck?
  14. Is that $900 for parts and labor? or $900 just for the parts? I kind of prefer the floating aspect, it makes the ride feel more luxurious as you feel less little bumps. And being as its an LTZ that gets 95% drive time, I almost prefer the luxurious ride.
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