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  1. I'm currently running 35x12.50-22''s on my 2019 Suburban and feel like it could clear 37's with only minor trimming. Curious if anyone has done this with only a 6-inch suspension? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have a 2019 set up the same way. I have the 6.2L and 10-speed trans. Currently running the Diablo I3 Platinum tuner. I will warn you though. Currently, you cannot change the tire size with any tuner IF you have the Adaptive Cruise Control option. It will disable the adaptive cruise. Mine is exactly 5mph low with 35's.
  3. Thank you! Same to you on your XL! I called them when the issue first presented itself and they said they haven't heard of it being an issue from anyone else.. Go figure... I also noticed that their tunes were for the 6 speed and 8 speed Trans models and mine is a 10 speed. So, I'm going to reach back out to them today. I'll let you know.
  4. Please let me know! I'm using the Diablo tuner currently but, will change in a heartbeat if I can get everything to work properly.
  5. You wouldn't believe the looks and comments we got just yesterday riding down jeep trails in the Burb with 7 passengers...
  6. Thank you for your constructive criticism. Very helpful input. Unfortunately, you are incorrect. Everything does work perfectly with the exception of the speedo not stating the correct MPH. I can use "Kentucky Windage" of +5MPH to be accurate (as long as I can have one hand free to use fingers) or I can simply look at the Waze MPH on the GPS which is more accurate. The Magnetic ride front suspension works great! The rear auto leveling air works great! Zero issues. I need the lift and additional clearance because I actually use my vehicle in areas that require it. We crossed a river 8 times this weekend with 35 inch tires under water. I use 4WD at least 2-3 times per week. If I'm going to spend $86k on a vehicle, I can assure you it will do what I want. Not "I will do what it wants". I've got nearly 30k miles on this lift setup so far. Pulling heavy enclosed trailers, off roading and highway driving. My tires look barely worn, gets great mileage still and will hurt peoples feelings red light to red light.
  7. Sorry for the delayed responses... I still haven't figured out a solution. I changed my programmer to "Not" adjust for tire size and the sonar cruise works again. I think it's something to do with calibration in the computer system for distance measurements for stopping or something. My speedo is 5mph slow but everything works still. I really want to find a relocation bracket so that I can do two things...1) add front tow hooks. 2) possibly change front bumper.
  8. I just completed a 6-inch suspension lift on a 2019 Suburban Premier 4x4. The Adaptive Cruise control keeps stating "Temporarily Unavailable". What do I need to do? Recalibrate the radar box behind front bumper? Relocate the radar box? Is there any way to bypass the radar system and have standard cruise control??? Thank you for your help!
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